What is ShotLink® Intelligence?

In 2005, the PGA TOUR began offering the not-for-profit opportunity for professors and students at the graduate level to use ShotLink® data for experimentation and study. ShotLink® is suited for this because the data is structured, very clean, and covers subject matter that can be widely applied. As the system grew and expanded, CDW teamed with the PGA TOUR in 2008 to sponsor the data program that since became known as ShotLink Intelligencsm Powered by CDW. This program has opened the door to the academic community, as well as audiences not primarily associated with golf.

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  • Feel free to email us with commercial/academic inquires at shotlinkintelligence@pgatourhq.com

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What is ShotLink®?

  • The collection and analysis of shot-by-shot data during competition play.
  • Provides insight into how the players of the PGA TOUR individually and as a whole perform on multiple layers of skill sets ranging from driving distance to scoring streaks.
  • Allows TOUR players, coaches, sports media outlets, graduate professors and students to attain deeper understanding into the numbers game of golf.

For more information about ShotLink®, please visit http://shotlink.com/