PGA TOUR and Superstores expand relationship

February 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc., owner and operator of PGA TOUR Superstores, announced on Feb. 11 an expanded agreement with the PGA TOUR that will pave the way for an increased PGA TOUR presence inside and outside its stores. PGA TOUR Superstores is the PGA TOUR's exclusive partner for off-course/off-airport golf retailing.

About the Superstores
Golf & Tennis Pro Shop currently operates 10 PGA TOUR Superstores: seven in the Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix metro areas, one in Naples, Fla., and two Martin's PGA TOUR Superstores in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
All PGA TOUR Superstores are focused on improving and growing the game of golf. Each store offers a vast selection of golf equipment, golf apparel and accessories, along with golf instruction by professionals, swing simulators and analysis, club fittings and practice greens. The stores are dedicated to providing customers with exceptional selection and services within an entertaining, interactive store environment.
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The new agreement solidifies a relationship between the parties for a potential term of 50 years and includes a variety of options for expanded programming.

"The PGA TOUR is a premier brand, and we are proud to be its partner," said Dick Sullivan, President and CEO of Golf & Tennis Pro Shop. "We look forward to exploring every opportunity to expand the awareness of our customers regarding our affiliation with the PGA TOUR. We could not have a better partner to support our goal of providing our customers with the best products, services and shopping experience in golf retailing."

The new agreement with the PGA TOUR envisions increased usage of the PGA TOUR name inside stores in areas such as signage, services, programs and promotions. In addition, the agreement contemplates an increased level of PGA TOUR-branded merchandise, enhanced marketing and communications programs, and joint community outreach activities.

"We are very pleased to be part of the PGA TOUR Superstores and what these stores are doing to grow the game of golf and create the best possible retail experience for our fans. Since their inception, the PGA TOUR Superstores have proven to be a highly valuable asset with respect to helping us connect with our fans, and we look forward to exploring new and different ways to expand upon that as we move forward together," said Tom Wade, Chief Marketing Officer for the PGA TOUR.

More details regarding new programs developed by the two groups will be announced as plans are finalized.