How it works: TOUR Championship

Starting Strokes, FedExCup bonus money for East Lake
East Lake Golf Club, the site of the TOUR Championship. (Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Here’s everything you need to know for the TOUR Championship, the grand finale of the FedExCup Playoffs where the winner will earn $15 million.

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Starting Strokes

The top 30 in the FedExCup standings following the BMW Championship will advance to the TOUR Championship, where the final leaderboard will represent the final FedExCup standings for the top 30 players. Stroke play will be used to determine the champion of the PGA TOUR’s season-long points race. To recognize players for their Regular Season performance, there will be a staggered start to the TOUR Championship utilizing Starting Strokes.

The FedExCup leaders will begin the event with a head start on the competition. The player who finishes the four rounds at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club with the lowest score in relation to par will win the FedExCup.

“As soon as the TOUR Championship begins, any fan – no matter if they’ve followed the PGA TOUR all season or are just tuning in for the final event – can immediately understand what’s going on and what’s at stake for every single player in the field," PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan said when the changes were announced in 2018. "And, of course, players will know exactly where they stand at all times while in play, which will ratchet up the drama, consequence and volatility of the competition down the stretch."


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Here’s how the leaderboard will look like going into Round 1 at East Lake.

10 under No. 1
8 under No. 2
7 under No. 3
6 under No. 4
5 under No. 5
4 under No. 6 - No. 10
3 under No. 11 - No. 15
2 under No. 16 - No. 20
1 under No. 21 - No. 25
Even par No. 26 - No. 30


First place in the FedExCup is $15 million. The runner-up will earn $5 million. Every player who makes it to East Lake will earn at least $395,000. Eight players will earn at least $1 million in FedExCup bonus money.

Every player who qualified for the FedExCup Playoffs will earn at least $100,000, while Nos. 126-150 in the final FedExCup standings all earn $70,000.

The FedExCup bonus money is the only money given for a player’s finish at East Lake. There is no longer a purse for the TOUR Championship. FedExCup bonus money is not considered part of a player’s official earnings for the season.

1st place: $15 million
2nd place: $5 million
3rd place: $4 million
4th place: $3 million
5th place: $2.5 million
6th place: $1.9 million
7th place: $1.3 million
8th place: $1.1 million
9th place: $950,000
10th place: $830,000
11th place: $750,000
12th place: $705,000
13th place: $660,000
14th place: $620,000
15th place: $595,000
16th place: $570,000
17th place: $550,000
18th place: $535,000
19th place: $520,000
20th place: $505,000
21st place: $490,000
22nd place: $478,000
23rd place: $466,000
24th place: $456,000
25th place: $445,000
26th place: $435,000
27th place: $425,000
28th place: $415,000
29th place: $405,000
30th place: $395,000


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