What they said: Michael Connell

November 14, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. All right, Michael. You came in this week 129. Right now it looks really good. Currently at the moment 116. How do you feel??

MICHAEL CONNELL: I feel like I played well. Just tried to kind of continue what I was doing over the course of the Fall Series. I've played well, and I just wanted to kind of do the same things.

Q. What does a week like this do? Obviously you're not going to win the golf tournament, but an excellent performance, a very good Sunday. I know it's immediately afterwards. As far as reflecting on it, is it going to take a little time?

MICHAEL CONNELL: You know, I can reflect on each round and just try and get better from each of those rounds. That's really kind of all I try and work on is to try and progress and get better each day and each week.

Q. Take me through 17. 17 you find yourself in trouble. You hit it into the hazard. Take me through the process of getting through that hole only suffering 5.

MICHAEL CONNELL: Right. Tee shot's a little awkward for me. I don't hit it far enough to cover much of the water.

So I got in there and I hit it and saw the ball pitched up there just above the hazard, but had a clean lie in the mud there, and just figured actually that was a better place to play it from, try and get it out to the fairway from there because if I dropped it, then I don't have any angle or anything like that. So I just decided to hit it out of the hazard.

Q. All right. Now that you look like you're comfortably inside 125, tell me the first thought you had as far as what was your schedule going to look like? We know what it's going to look like now. What was it going to look like?

MICHAEL CONNELL: Just off of assumption and kind of what people have told me, if I would have stayed where I was, I would have probably gotten about 15, 18 starts next year, and now I get to kind of pick and choose my schedule as I see it.

Q. Churchill will be good in a couple weeks, won't it??

MICHAEL CONNELL: That's right. We're going to enjoy the holidays.

Q. Congratulations.


Q. Michael, when you had one week to sort of make it happen and you managed to summon some of your best golf, what do you take from that??

MICHAEL CONNELL: Well, like I say, I just try and progress each week. This is a tough game. It's tough out here. I try and just work day to day and week to week and progress from there.

Q. Your results in the fall have been very good. What's been the change??

MICHAEL CONNELL: There hasn't been any change. I think I've just finally gotten acclimated to play weekends out here. I made a bunch of cuts this year and just didn't get much out of it, and just kind of got acclimated to playing on the weekend out here, to tell you the truth.

Q. Did you come into this week with any pressure on yourself??

MICHAEL CONNELL: I had some anxiety. Obviously I had some anxiety, but I've been playing well and just kind of wanted to keep doing those same things.

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