Q&A: Actor Luke Wilson talks golf, his brother and more

Dunn/Getty Images
Luke Wilson is a familiar face around PGA TOUR pro-ams.
June 24, 2009
Brian Wacker, PGATOUR.COM Site Producer

CROMWELL, Conn. -- Having grown up in Texas, Luke Wilson knows his golf, even if his older, more famous brother Owen is the one who will stay up putting all night. Playing in Wednesday's celebrity pro-am at the Travelers Championship, Wilson sat down with PGATOUR.COM for a Q&A, discussing everything from his favorite courses to who's the better brother.

PGATOUR.COM: Alright, let's cut right to it, who's better, you or Owen?

WILSON: Owen is a lefty, so growing up he didn't really play. He has his own putting green, though, and he'll stay up for hours just putting. That's all he does. I'm trying to avoid him most of the summer, though, because I think I owe him about $600.

PGATOUR.COM: You guys get confused for one another a lot?

WILSON: All the time, but I can't figure out why since he has blonde hair and I have brown hair.

PGATOUR.COM: But you play a lot of golf?

WILSON: When I'm not working, that's all I do. I'll play three or four times a week. I just got done filming three movies all in the past year, though, but it's great being out here and playing with Dustin Johnson.

PGATOUR.COM: So who do you follow on the PGA TOUR? Any favorites?

WILSON: I've been able to play with a bunch of guys -- Dustin Johnson, Charley Hoffman, Chad Campbell -- so I always follow them to see how they're doing.

PGATOUR.COM: Dream foursome?

WILSON: Wow, that's a tough one. Hmm...I'd say Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan -- he's from Fort Worth, where I'm from -- and Jack Nicklaus.

PGATOUR.COM: That's a pretty good foursome.

WILSON: You said dream foursome. Yea that would be my foursome.

PGATOUR.COM: OK, but who do you play with when you're not working? You're a member at Bel-Air Country Club.

WILSON: Greg Kinnear, Pete Sampras, Dennis Quaid. Those are the famous guys anyway. Then I play some with some other guys who I'm friends with.

PGATOUR.COM: So what's your favorite course?

WILSON: Gosh there's so many. I love all the old courses -- Long Island has some great ones like Maidstone, National, and a lot of the courses in Dallas. Brook Hollow is a great course, I'll play there a lot because my folks are still in Texas, it's another Tillinghast design. I love the real classic courses, ones by Donald Ross, Alastair Mackenzie.

PGATOUR.COM: Pretty good list. You know your golf and your golf courses.

WILSON: It's all I do.

PGATOUR.COM: How'd you ever lose $600 to your brother?

WILSON: I have no idea.

PGATOUR.COM: Maybe you can confuse him into thinking he's you and you're him and he can pay you $600.

WILSON: That would be great.