Quotes on the island-green 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass

March 26, 2007
PGA TOUR staff

"It is like having a 3 o'clock appointment for a root canal. You're thinking about it all morning and you feel bad all day. You kind of know sooner or later you've got to get to it." -- Mark Calcavecchia


"It's gotten so big now because now it's LIVE@17. Everybody on the Internet is watching and there is always a camera there. Whoever does make the big number on that hole is just overplayed on every sports channel all over the world. There's so much that goes with that hole." -- Chris DiMarco

"This is the most tranquil, peaceful place you can be. When the weather is beautiful, there's no place you'd rather be. But when the weather is nasty, it could be the worst place to be." -- NBC cameraman John Boeddeker, who is hoisted above the trees behind the green in a tower to get a view of 16, 17 and a portion of 18.

"The great thing about that hole is there's always something happening. In a typical golf tournament, you will have many times where the leaders are walking to their next shot on another hole. We always have the luxury of cutting the viewer to the 17th tee. There's always drama there." -- Tommy Roy, NBC's executive producer

"When you play (17) on Tuesday and Wednesday, it's a pretty easy hole, a little flip 9-iron, no big deal. You get out there in the tournament, all of a sudden there's a pin location that's tucked in the corner or over a slope, and the green seems to shrink up a little bit. You know you've got to step up there and be committed. The hardest thing about that hole is that you need to be committed on the shot and you know you can't really hit a poor shot and get away with it." -- Tiger Woods

"I don't think any of us really thought of the 17th hole. It just kind of arrived. We just kept digging. Actually, I think my wife Alice came out one day, looked at the area and said let's just make it an island green." -- Course designer Pete Dye

"I rode up behind the tee one day and watched a man pull out a dozen new Titleists and promptly hit every one of them in the water. He didn't give it a second thought." -- TPC Sawgrass superintendent Fred Klauk on the approximate 150,000 balls that are annually hit into the water on 17.

"I have so much respect for these guys on TOUR. You come down to the last couple of holes here with it all on the line and you have to hit a shot like this (on 17). My hands are sweating at home just watching on TV." -- Dale Jarrett, NASCAR driver, who participated in a Super Bowl shootout on No. 17 in early 2005.

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