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    Putter signed by Tiger Woods sells for more than $300,000

  • A Scotty Cameron putter signed by Woods sold for over $328,000. (Golden Age Auctions)A Scotty Cameron putter signed by Woods sold for over $328,000. (Golden Age Auctions)

Tiger Woods memorabilia continues to be a hot seller this year. The latest example came Sunday, after a Scotty Cameron signed by Woods sold at auction for more than $300,000.

The signed Scotty Cameron ‘Red Dot’ Newport 2 is the same model Woods used to win 14 of his 15 majors. This putter is said to have been made as a backup for Woods’ gamer before being signed by him at a 2005 fundraiser for the Tiger Woods Learning Center and auctioned off.

Woods usually tested the backups to ensure they were to his liking but confirming that he used them is difficult because he did so in private. The signature ensures that Woods handled this putter, however. Before being auctioned this year, it was owned for the past 17 years by the same person who bought it at that 2005 fundraiser.

The putter sold for $328,577, just a few months after the set of irons purported to be used by Woods in the famous Tiger Slam of 2000-01 went for more than $5 million.

Four backup putters belonging to Woods have been sold at auction before this one, and this signed Cameron fell just short of the highest bid for any of those clubs. Another Woods backup sold in August 2021 for $393,000. The first one sold in 2015 for $29,000, according to Golf Digest, and another sold three years later for $44,000. In 2020, another Woods backup fetched $154,928.

“The golf collecting industry has traditionally lagged behind other sports. But that’s been changing in a big way as collectors race to acquire the best Tiger Woods items,” said Ryan Carey, owner of Golden Ague Auctions, which hosted the bidding. “Over the past year, Tiger Woods has become his own collecting category. Collectors are starting to treat him and collect him like other GOATs – Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Mickey Mantle.”

This auction, which closed Sunday, also included another Scotty Cameron putter made for Woods ($86,525) and a wedge used by Woods ($39,816). Arnold Palmer’s “Old Faithful” putter was the auction’s second-costliest item, going for $126,680, followed by the Woods putter and Dwight Eisenhower’s clubs, which went for $59,731. Items from the auction can be viewed here.