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    Justin Thomas returns to old putter at THE NORTHERN TRUST

    A question from a junior golfer at JT's AJGA event sparked the reunion

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Justin Thomas has won 14 times on the PGA TOUR. For 13 of those 14 wins — including the 2017 PGA Championship and his most recent victory, this season's PLAYERS Championship — JT used the same putter: a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5.

Seems logical he’d continue to do so, right? Well, that’s what one outspoken 15-year-old golfer thought as well.

Now, we could go down the rabbit hole of discussing the times Thomas has gone in a different direction on the flatstick front, including, most recently, swapping his Phantom X 5.5 for a Phantom X 5 knuckle neck prototype at the abrdn Scottish Open. But this isn’t a story about trial separations from his beloved, but rather, about the joyful reunion — and the unlikely catalyst for the return: the aforementioned 15-year-old golfer.

After his 8-under opening round at THE NORTHERN TRUST, Thomas told a fantastic story about how his “gamer” made its way back into his bag this week.

Thomas told reporters he was home in Louisville for his AJGA event, the Justin Thomas Junior Championship, and a 15-year-old junior golfer inquired about the putter Thomas was using, asking if he was still using the knuckle neck X 5 prototype.

Additionally, it sounds like the junior golfer was using the Scotty Cameron “Inspired by Justin Thomas” Phantom X 5.5 the company released last year. Regardless, the combination of the question and seeing the putter in the junior’s hands got Thomas’ wheels turning.

“I was kind of explaining it, and he's just like, well, when are you going to start using it again? And I found myself defending myself to this 15-year-old,” Thomas said.

“I was like why am I not using this thing? I've had a lot of success. It's not like I'm making a lot of putts with what I have. If you're putting well, any of us can go out and putt with anything. I don't know, it kind of hit me. I'm like the kid's got a point. They designed a putter after it, maybe I should bring it out. When I brought it out, it looked good, it felt good. Again, a lot of familiar feelings with it.”

Seems like the right choice so far.