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Equipment Report

    How Snedeker's 13-year-old putter has withstood the test of time

  • Since coming onto the PGA TOUR in 2006, Brandt Snedeker has been using an Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie putter. (Andrew Tursky/PGA TOUR)Since coming onto the PGA TOUR in 2006, Brandt Snedeker has been using an Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie putter. (Andrew Tursky/PGA TOUR)

JACKSON, Miss. – Since coming onto the PGA TOUR in 2007, Brandt Snedeker has made nearly $38 million in tournament earnings, not including the $10 million bonus he pocketed for winning the 2012 FedExCup Playoffs. Also, since coming onto the PGA TOUR, Snedeker has been using an Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie putter, which Snedeker says he started using in 2006.

That’s cause for two important questions:

  1. How is there not a hole in the center of the face insert after all those years of use?
  2. Is it one of the winningest putters currently in play on the PGA TOUR?

Snedeker tackled both of those questions in a Q&A with PGATOUR.COM on Wednesday ahead of the 2019 Sanderson Farms Championship. Also, Snedeker discussed the importance of lead tape positioning on his Bridgestone J15CB irons, and why he needs to use lead tape for both weight and performance.

Enjoy our full equipment Q&A with Snedeker below!

PGATOUR.COM: I noticed you have lead tape on your irons, but it’s not filled in on the toe. Is that on purpose?


BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, you want CG (center of gravity) as low as possible, right? So you start putting weight up higher on the toe, and it moves the CG of the iron a little bit. It makes it come off a little lower, so you want the CG as low as possible to get the ball up in the air.

So it’s not necessarily for head weight purposes, but for CG location?

It is. It’s for both; head weight and CG.

I know a lot of amateurs who just kind of throw lead tape on there, and don’t necessarily have a reason…


Yeah, it’s because I play light shafts in my irons. My irons are 95 grams, compared to a steel shaft that’s probably 120. They’re lighter so I can swing a little faster and [the ball can launch] a little higher. And then the lead tape is to kind of counter out the head weight. In the long irons, the head weight doesn’t matter as much, but with the short irons I really have to put some extra weight in there to make sure they get to D2 or D3 swing weight. So if I don’t put the lead tape on, they don’t have the right weight.

When it comes to the putter, you’ve had that in the bag forever.

Yeah, 2006.

Have you made adjustments to the insert over the years?


I’ve had [the insert] replaced three times. They can actually pop the insert out and put a new one in. These (inserts) eventually wear out. This is my third one.

Do you see yourself ever changing putter heads?


No. No (laughs). The only time… this hosel actually broke, so this [hosel] is actually new. They welded this on; typically I don’t have a spout – it’s called a spud – typically they don’t have a spud on these putters, but mine broke and they had to re-weld a new one on and put this on there for me. As long as it stays together, it won’t come out [of the bag].

Do you think this is one of the most prolific putters on TOUR, behind Tiger’s Scotty Cameron? I mean, this putter has made a lot of money…

I’d say Stricks (Steve Stricker, with his Odyssey White Hot 2 putter) got me beat. Stricks putter has been around a little bit longer than mine, but I’m right up there with Stricks probably. Me and Strick have been playing our putters probably the longest.

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