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    A running list of custom gear and equipment for the 2019 PGA Championship

  • A custom Taylormade staff bag for the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black (Stuart Franklin/Getty Images).A custom Taylormade staff bag for the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black (Stuart Franklin/Getty Images).

For years, golf equipment and apparel companies have created custom gear in honor of major championships. The companies will typically incorporate colorways and landmarks related to the surrounding area, or highlight an iconic piece of the golf course.

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When it comes to the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black, there is certainly no shortage of creative inspiration for custom gear; the famous “Warning” sign, its proximity to New York City a.k.a. the “Big Apple,” and, obviously, the “Black” color right there in its name. Let’s see which company can use these inspirations most creatively.

Enjoy this list of one-off gear for the 2019 PGA Championship, and please reach out to @andrewtursky on Twitter or Instagram if you see a product that you think belongs on the list.

FootJoy's blackout pack

Popular golf shoe company FootJoy went all out with its inclusion of the famed Bethpage Black “Warning” sign with a FLEX Blackout shoe that has the whole sign printed on the back, and an all-white shoe that incorporates the word “Warning” a bit more creatively. The company also has an all-black shoe bag and a hat made especially for the week. FootJoy’s all-black “Blackout” products were part of a limited-edition release; although the products have sold out, the company is still offering a chance to win them.

The streets of NY

Odyssey’s graffiti-filled putter covers creatively use the company logo in its take on the “I <3 NY” slogan, and the covers feature the Statue of Liberty holding the company logo instead of the famous torch. The words “Warning” and “The Black” are also printed on the cover in graffiti letters giving these covers the feel of the streets of New York. Odyssey is currently selling the covers on its website.

Taylormade's staff bags

Instead of the black-white-and-red colorways that most companies went with, TaylorMade opted to use the blue-orange-and-white colorway that the New York Mets (baseball), New York Knicks (basketball) and New York Islanders (hockey) use for their respective sports team jerseys. Also, the golf bags are an ode to the PGA Jr. League, which encourages boys and girls to engage with the game of golf. Taylormade’s take on the “Warning” sign is a bit different, as you can see in the second photo of its Instagram post above.

Nike's "Warning"

Nike Golf’s Safari Bred pack, which is currently available on its website, features a number of different silhouettes with similar black-red-and-white colorways. According to its website, the shoes are inspired by the “concrete jungle” that is New York City, and the shoes are made specifically for the golf course. The shoe models include Nike’s Victory Tour, Air Max 1G, Nike Roshe G Tour, and Tour Premiere.

Atomic Warning

Atomic Golf, a company that makes custom ball markers, released a special-edition “Warning” sign marker made from solid copper and individually numbered. Since going on sale, however, the markers have sold out on the company's website.

Bettinardi MTA

Bettinardi Golf, a company that makes putters and putter covers among other equipment and accessories, made custom putter covers inspired by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Public transportation -- such as subways and buses -- is a popular way to travel around New York City, and local New Yorkers know these lines and colors very well. Bettinardi released these putter covers to its “Hive,” but they have since sold out.

Dormie's Big Apple

Dormie Workshop, a company that makes custom leather headcovers, came out with a custom “NYC Big Apple” headcover ahead of the 2019 PGA Championship. The checkboard print is likely inspired by the Checker Taxi that remain another popular mode of transportation for New Yorkers and its visitors. 


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