Equipment Report
  • Miura launches MG Collection CB-1008, CB-2008 and MB-5005 irons

  • Miura's MG Collection irons are coming to North America. (Jonathan Wall/PGA TOUR)Miura's MG Collection irons are coming to North America. (Jonathan Wall/PGA TOUR)

Once reserved for the Asian market, Miura's MG ("Miura Giken") Collection is coming to North America in the form of two iron models designed for the better player, and a mid-sized, multi-material version that offers additional distance and forgiveness.

Until recently, Muira's North American operation consisted of one-piece forged blades, small cavity-backs and wedges for those with a single-digit handicap. Following a change in ownership at the beginning of 2017, the company began the process of putting a new plan in place that, based on what we've seen from Muira over the last several months, will merge the Asian and North American offerings.

What that means for consumers is a more diverse lineup, including the addition of Hayate drivers and fairway woods that were introduced last month. The new offerings in North America are supposed to be the tip of the iceberg as Muira prepares to launch a new product line next year.

With regards to the three iron models, there's something for every golfer in the MG Collection.



The CB-1008 ($279 per iron) is a cavity-back model forged from soft carbon steel and features a wider sole (19mm on the 7-iron) that offers improved forgiveness and playability in a compact package. The weight pad in the back of the head shifts the center of gravity lower for an increased launch angle in the mid- and long irons.

"Being able to deliver the feel and performance generally only associated with a Blade iron makes the CB-1008 a naturally choice in the players’ iron category,” said Bill Holowaty, COO of Miura Golf. “A wider sole and a precise distribution of weight are design characteristics which enhance the playability of this iron."



Miura's CB-2008 (5-PW; $339 per club) could be the most intriguing iron in the lineup. The multi-material model features the widest sole (20mm on the 7-iron) of any MG Collection iron and is designed to offer more distance and forgiveness in a slightly larger profile.

The long- and mid-irons (5-8) begin as a single billet of carbon steel that's forged into the body of the club head. To boost ball speeds and overall performance, a 4mm forged face is welded to the front of the iron with a SUS composite pocket cavity-back. The unique design allows the pocket cavity to perform consistently throughout the entire set without sacrificing feel.

"The CB 2008 epitomizes how advancements in technology can be delivered to golfers of all skill levels," said Holowaty. "The midsize clubhead combines a soft carbon forged face and neck with a composite, pocket cavity-back. This design allows for a wider sole, lower center of gravity, larger sweet spot and more forgiveness."

The 9-iron and pitching wedge are one-piece, forged construction. All of the irons boast a deep center of gravity position that helps maintain consistent ball speeds while improving launch at the same time.



The limited edition MB-5005 ($329 per club) is a modified muscleback that has the look of a blade but plays like a cavity-back model due to a unique cavity structure.

The structure allowed engineers to remove 15 grams of weight that was used to increase the overall size of the iron head, making it slightly longer from heel for a "feeling of confidence" at address.

The size of the sweet spot was also expanded and the center of gravity position lowered to increase launch.