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Equipment Report

    True Temper unveils new high-end Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft

  • Chad Campbell was the first player to use the shaft in competition at the FedEx St. Jude Classic. (Jonathan Wall/Getty Images)Chad Campbell was the first player to use the shaft in competition at the FedEx St. Jude Classic. (Jonathan Wall/Getty Images)

OAKMONT, Pa. — New carbon fiber materials continue to pop up in the golf shaft industry. The latest is a new Toray T1100 fiber that was used to created Project X's HZRDUS T1100 shaft — it costs $350 per pound, nearly five times what True Temper normally spends for carbon fiber materials — that was introduced to players last week at the FedEx St. Jude Classic. 

Project X's HZRDUS shaft line has risen in popularity since its debut last season. What started out as a line with two models (Black and Yellow) on TOUR has increased to four with the addition of Red and now T1100. 

Compared to HZRDUS Black, the low launch, low spin shaft in the lineup, T1100 is what Don Brown, the director of golf innovation and product strategy for True Temper, likes to call "HZRDUS Black on steroids."

The new shaft produces roughly 500 rpm less spin than Black and has a stiff overall profile that makes it the lowest spinning, most stable shaft in the lineup. 

With the help of Toray's T1100 fiber, True Temper was able to significantly thin the walls of the shaft and add more material to the top third to give it a slight counterbalance. 

"Once we had this material, we wanted to see what we could do with it and how thin we could get the walls," Brown said. "If you look at the HZRDUS Black, it has a really heavy tip section and the walls are really thick. That's what makes it so stiff. This material allows us to get the same stiffness and thin the walls out so it can be counterbalanced."

True Temper brought 60 HZRDUS T1100 shafts to Oakmont for players to test. Chad Campbell became the first to use it in competition in Memphis. 

Offered on TOUR in Project X's 6.5 flex, the HZRDUS T1100 is 6.5 from tip to butt, and is a full flex stiffer in the butt and a half flex stiffer in the tip than Black. 

Wanting to give the shaft a unique look, True Temper took a page from the automotive industry and added a high-end metallic chrome paint that retails for $1,100 per gallon. 

Brown admitted the application process is tedious, requiring seven different paint layers before the shaft is buffed and finished by hand. 

"Because the paint is so expensive, we've been buying it in pints and quarts," said Brown. "We made our biggest purchase recently which was a half-gallon, but even then you can only make about 100 shafts." 

The pricey materials and paint have made Project X consider the idea of releasing the HZRDUS T1100 as a limited run option. If it does come to market at some point, it's possible based on the intensive production process that it could come with a price tag that touches four-digits.