Equipment Report

January 26 2013

1:45 PM

Bushnell Tour v3 adds JOLT technology

By Jonathan Wall, PGATOUR.COM Equipment Insider

Laser rangefinders are incredibly accurate, but if there's one thing every model seems to struggle with, it's locking onto the correct target every time. With trees and other objects in the background, there's always a chance the rangefinder picks up an object other than the flagstick. 

Bushnell Golf, currently the No. 1 rangefinder on the PGA TOUR, is hoping its new Tour v3 laser rangefinder with JOLT technology eliminates any doubt.

According to Bushnell, when the golfer aims at the flag, the JOLT technology will provide short vibrating bursts to reinforce that the rangefinder's PinSeeker technology has isolated the target and locked onto the flag. 

The Tour v3 is accurate to within one yard and boasts 5-1,000 yards ranging performance, including 300-plus yards to the flag. It will be available in February and retails for $299. 

Bushnell will also release a Tour v3 Slope Edition for $399. The Slope Edition takes out the guesswork by providing compensated distances for elevations changes.