Advanced Shot Tracking by PGA TOUR

New digital experience
of every shot from every player.

Bring the tournament to life

TOURCast adds context and exclusive new ways of experiencing the tournament. Use the camera controls to fly around the course, change the camera angle and zoom into the player's perspective.

Take the live action on the go

TOURCast leverages one seamless design across all device platforms. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can take TOURCast with you and not miss a moment.

Release Notes

Release 1 - March 3, 2020


Course Overview Hole List


course overview screen


A view of each hole and who is actively playing that hole. This view provides a quick entry point to explore an empty hole or to jump into tracking an individual player or group. During live-play, groups will be displayed by the Location of where they are on the Hole. (Tee, Fairway or Green)


Key Features

  • Favorite Player Indicator
  • Total Score, Round Score & Number of Holes Played
  • Hole slider
  • Player Search

3D Hole View


3D hole view screen


Experience PGA TOUR golf in a 3D animated world.


Player Details


When a player is selected as the 'focused' player in view, the following attributes will be displayed for that player: Player Name, Player Headshot, Total Score, Round Score, Number of Holes Played, Tournament Rank & Leader Score


Shot Data & Animations


Ball flight data provided by ShotLink will be used to display the flight path of each shot. Play-by-play text will also display to provide additional details.


Shot Video Playback


Every shot captured by a PGA TOUR camera will be automattically clipped and posted to the appropriate shot. Pressing the play button in the shot timeline will progress the experience through each shot animation and captured video clip.


Career Hole Stats (Updates after each round is completed)


This provides the user with an understanding of how your player in focus has performed on this hole in his previous attempts.


Strokes Gained Stats (After completion of each hole)


Real-time comparison of player's current tournament SG and their year-to-date rankings.


Tournament Stats (After completion of each hole)


Evaluation of a player's key round performance stats.


Hole Stats (After completion of each hole by any player)


How tough is the hole playing for everyone else in the field? This provides a count of every score type for a given hole throughout the round. You can even come back after the round and see what that birdie truly meant for the quality of your favorite player's overall round score.


User Settings (Logged In Users Only)


Configure the screen that best suits the level of information you would like. In Phase 1, you will be able to toggle the video player, radar data & play-by-play text.



Additional Features

  • Player Favoriting (Logged In Users Only) - Allows a user to favorite a player and add them to their profile.
  • Group Selector - View the entire or part of the group of players playing for the selected round.
  • Previous Round Shot Data - Toggle to view all current and previous round shots in a single view for the player in focus.
  • Player Search - Search for a player that is participating in the event.
  • Points of Interest - Toggle graphic overlays on top of the 3D Model to see Point of Interest Markers.
  • Round Selector - Navigate through the Rounds that a player has played.
  • Hole Selector - Navigate through the holes for the entire round for a group of players.

Release 2 - June 2, 2020


Radar Data Display and Flight Path


On every tee shot, you will now see the true curvature of the flight path of the ball. You will see this on both the apex and the right to left bend.


3D hole view screen



Add the ability to sign-in within TOURCast


We have made it easier to login within the TOURCast experience. This will become a must to get the most out of the platform when it comes to personalizing it to how you want to consume the tournament.


Video Player Responsiveness


Tweaked the time the video player controls overlay the video screen and automated the closing of the video player after the completion of video playback.


Group Location Optimization


Re-worked the data dependencies for a more accurate location of each group on the course. Get the feeling that you are walking alongside them throughout their entire round.


Improve Modal Animations


Make the drawer slide-outs a little bit easier on the eyes when they open up.


Improve Round Complete Messaging


Add round number to the round complete messaging to have a more informative view of the round which was last completed for a player.


Modal Close Optimization


Now, clicking on the screen outside of a modal should close it and get you back to the action faster.



Correct Handling of Deleted Strokes


Sometimes a volunteer may add one-too-many strokes to a player's digital scorecard and we can now handle a data producers correction of this mistake.


Penalty Drop vs. Free Drop


We've nailed down how to properly visualize the distinction between a free-drop and a penalty drop. (red circles are bad)


More Accurately Capture Shot Location Z-Index


Now we can more accurately depict ball locations for you by adding a few more significant figures to the z-index.