Silverado Resort and Spa North

    Course Par Value: 72 • Course Yardage: 7123
    1 4 436 Favor the right side of the fairway on this medium length par 4. An accurate drive should leave you with a mid-range iron shot to this slightly elevated green. The green side bunkers may cause for a tough up and down, play a half club longer on this approach to give yourself the best chance at an opening par.
    2 3 197 With the elevation of this green, make sure you take extra club. The green slopes slightly from back to front and is much larger than it appears from the tee. If you miss club and land in the right bunker, you will most likely take bogey to the next tee!
    3 4 424 One of the most difficult tee shots on the front nine, your tee shot on this dogleg left must avoid the large oak trees to give yourself an opening to this green. Your approach shot will determine your score here, as the green slopes considerably from left to right. If you leave yourself above the hole, you will have a challenging two-putt ahead of you.
    4 4 407 With the slope of this fairway, make sure to aim down the left side for ideal position. Avoid the fairway bunker on the right as this is a difficult green to hit in regulation. The fourth green is very shallow and will require precise distance control in order to get it close. With the severe slopes behind the green, overshooting this green will give your short game a real test.
    5 5 538 A double dogleg par-5 will reward players who successfully take an aggressive line over the large oak trees on the right side of the fairway, enabling players to go for the green on their second shot. A large green surrounded by bunkers waits.
    6 4 417 A drive down the right center will put you in ideal scoring position. It's slightly elevated, anything short will likely roll back down in front of the green and be a challenge. This hole has a couple of tricky pin locations, play your approach to the center and give yourself a birdie putt.
    7 3 212 The longest par 3 on the North Course will require an accurate shot in order to give yourself a run at birdie. Avoiding both bunkers is a must, this hole plays slightly longer and at times plays through a crosswind. You may want to play a half club longer here, with a large green, long won't hurt you.
    8 4 360 Position off this tee is crucial for your approach shot. With a water hazard right and out of bounds left, medium to long hitters will generally use a fairway wood from the tee for more accuracy. If you find the fairway, you will likely have a short iron to the green. This green slopes from back to front, one of the toughest greens on the course, a two putt here and you're gaining on the field!
    9 5 557 This elevated tee gives you the green light for a big drive. A well placed tee shot that turns from right to left will put you in the best position. Leave yourself with a comfortable yardage in the fairway, as this green is slightly elevated, narrow and protected by a large bunker. If your distance control is right, you will have a putt for birdie, if not, you'll need a good short game to get up and down.
    10 4 422 The tee shot on the longest par-4 on the course will be played from an elevated tee near the putting green. The dramatic tee shot must be played between two oak trees that are just off of the tee complex. Most players will have a mid-to-long iron off of the tee to a large green. The toughest pin placement is the small shelf located in the back left of the green.
    11 3 182 This beautiful short par 3 over water is the signature hole on the North Course. Although short, this hole has many difficult pin locations, par on this hole is a good score.
    12 4 391 An accurate drive to the left side of this fairway will likely set up a short to mid-iron shot into this green. Fairway wood off the tee may give you a better chance at avoiding the bunkers and the out of bounds on the right side. The green is sloped from back to front. Give yourself an uphill putt and you may have your first birdie on the back nine!
    13 4 458 One of the most difficult par 4s, this hole is usually into a slight breeze and will require two accurate golf shots to set up birdie. With a large fairway bunker that sneaks in on the left side and tall trees on the right, your tee shot needs to be down the middle in order to score on this hole. An approach shot left of this green will leave you a very challenging shot as this green runs away from you.
    14 4 412 If you position your tee shot away from the fairway bunker, you can consider this a birdie. Play your drive down the left side to have the best angle. If you can find the green in two, you will leave yourself with a make-able birdie putt as this is large and generally flat.
    15 3 189 A middle iron tee shot into this green requires precision. Misses to any side, other than short-left, will leave players with incredibly difficult recovery shots. The safe play is to the middle of the green where a par can be made and disaster avoided.
    16 5 571 This narrow par-5 is the beginning of the home stretch. The final three holes on the North Course offer players a great chance to move up the leaderboard. Players who hit the fairway with their drive can choose to go for the green in two or to play more conservatively and fire at the pin with a wedge. The green slopes gently from right-to-left.
    17 4 375 The ideal drive on this short, dogleg left par 4 will be positioned on the far right side of the fairway (aim towards the large oak tree). A tee shot too far left off the tee and you will get blocked out by the tall Redwood Trees. Make sure you take extra club on your approach as the green is uphill and protected by a small pot bunker. Everything slopes to the middle of the green a good second shot will leave you with a good look at birdie.
    18 5 575 This finishing hole is the longest par 5 on the North Course. Avoid the fairway bunkers on the right off the tee and you should be able to leave yourself in perfect position to hit this green in regulation. Short left on your approach will make for a difficult par. Play towards the middle back of this green to ensure a finishing par