TOUR wives share their family holiday traditions

Courtesy Crane family
This will be the 10th year the Crane family has hosted college golfers -- lots of them.
December 04, 2013

PGATOUR.COM has asked members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association some questions in the spirit of the holidays. Their answers will run on the website during the next five weeks.

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Does your family have any special holiday traditions?

AMY WILSON (wife of Mark): Everyone comes to our house for Christmas Eve. The best are the years when we have snow on the ground and we can pull the kids in sleds to Christmas Eve service at church. This year Mark has picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play "Silent Night." It will be a fun surprise for the family. Although ... if they read this it won't be a surprise!

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DEANNA PETTERSSON (wife of Carl): Christmas Eve we always go to church and call Carl’s family in Sweden to wish them “God Jul.” They celebrate and “Father Christmas” delivers presents on Christmas Eve there. Then it’s off to bed early for the kids so that Santa will come. Christmas day is spent opening gifts, enjoying brunch and cleaning up all the wrapping paper and styrofoam bits that in all the packaging.

TAMI BLANKS (wife of Kris): After Christmas we become rednecks of our complex and go around and collect old Christmas trees and burn them at a friend's house on New Years Eve.

ERIN WALKER (wife of Jimmy): Every Christmas Eve we get in our pajamas and read "The Polar Express." It been fun blending family traditions and this is one that has been in my family a long time.

MEGAN GORE (wife of Jason): We decorate our golf cart with Christmas lights, play Christmas music in it, grab a jug of hot chocolate and take the kids around the neighborhood to look at holiday lights in the cart.

JENNIFER STALLINGS (wife of Scott): Since we just had our first child we are really excited to start new traditions this year. Up until then, Scott and I would try out other peoples traditions to see if we liked any of them. We are taking suggestions.

KATE ROSE (wife of Justin): Not yet but we look forward to making some as a new little family.

AMANDA BYRD (wife of Jonathan): We light the fire pit and make smores, and we always do angel tree giving at our church and our kids each choose a child their age and shop specifically for them!

ALLISON BROWN (wife of Scott): The big Christmas dinner is a tradition. I am excited to be hosting at our home this year. My Grandmother's dressing is a staple ... yummm!

HEATHER CRANE (wife of Ben): We have been involved with a ministry called College Golf Fellowship, where we host around 60 college golfers in our home. They receive great Bible teaching in the mornings & evenings, grow in their faith and fellowship with other college golfers, and then play golf and other games during the day. Because we have to wait for the college boys to get out for Christmas break, they always arrive the weekend prior to Christmas. This will be our 10th year hosting them and there is nothing like having your home completely taken over by boys this time of year -- but we love doing it and now our kids love it even more!! Also, we enjoy doing the Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas the morning of Thanksgiving. That way we get out of the house and burn some calories before we indulge.

COURTNEY STREELMAN (wife of Kevin): Dinner and church on Christmas Eve, presents Christmas morning, and lots of PJ time all week.

DOWD SIMPSON (wife of Webb): One of my favorite traditions, and I did this as a little girl, is to pile into the car on Christmas Eve, drive around the city looking at all the Christmas decorations and play Christmas carols on the radio.

AMI GARRIGUS (wife of Robert): On Christmas Eve we order Chinese food and play games.