What I'll Remember About 2013: Dufnering goes viral

The picture that started it all. Jason Dufner sits on a classroom floor at a Dallas school for a charity event.
November 25, 2013
By Bryan Mullen, PGATOUR.COM

PGATOUR.COM asked its staffers and writers what they will remember about the 2013 season. For the archived list of essays and a complete review of the season, click here.

A man sat on a classroom floor. And a worldwide sensation erupted.

Jason Dufner, a major champion with more than $15 million in career earnings on the PGA TOUR, is best known by some for this photo.

For the uninitiated, Dufner in late March was visiting a school in Dallas for a charity event when a photo was taken of him sitting with his back against the wall. His legs were outstretched and he was sitting on his hands. He wore a very, very relaxed look on his face. To his credit, the teacher was instructing the children how to focus and relax, and they hadn’t quite settled in. But Dufner, whose two most impressive attributes might very well be focusing and relaxing, would have received an A-plus.

Keegan Bradley tweeted the photo and Dufnering was born. Several PGA TOUR pros, such as Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy, got into the action by posting photos of themselves Dufnering. The Auburn men’s basketball team Dufnered while the originator stood between them holding the Wanamaker Trophy (Dufner is an alum). Normally buttoned-up golf executives followed suit, as did golf fans, TOUR wives, pets and babies.

These things typically have short shelf lives, but this one had legs. Players throughout the season would break out their Dufnering poses, including Bradley who performed it after holing out from the fairway at the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, a full six months following Dufner’s original slouch.

How long will it last? Has it grown stale? That’s up for debate. But it’s been memorable and we’ve had several months of fun with it. It’s refreshing to see the traditionally reserved professional golf community loosen up a little and relax. And who better to serve as the catalyst?