Crowne Plaza interview: John Rollins

May 23, 2013

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MODERATOR: John Rollins joins us today after a 7-under par 63. John making your 11th start at Colonial. A tournament that I know means a lot to you. But yet, never a lot of success here. So this was a great round, a great start.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yes, it's good to get off to a good start. As you say, it's pretty close to home here and membership here, so I don't come over here as much as I do at the Four Seasons. But I need to come play more. It's fun to get off to a good start here at home and in front of some friends and family and have fun with it.

MODERATOR: What was the key to your round today?

JOHN ROLLINS: I drove the ball good today and obviously putted well. Any time you shoot 7-under, you got to make putts and I did that today. So it was a pleasant sight to see the ball going in the hole.

Q. Ryan was in here earlier talking about his membership, how much he does play, it doesn't sound like you play out here as much as he does?

JOHN ROLLINS: No, I think he is a pretty permanent fixture in the men's group and everything that goes on out here. He and his caddy James, I know they are both members, and James has won the club championship before. They play over here quite a bit. I will come over here every now with them if they get a group of guys together or something but I don't play as much as he does over here.

Q. So what was it about today that you found here that you haven't found before at Colonial?

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, I think I did a better job of making putts. I don't think I've ever putted really good on these greens for some reason whether it's the lack of play. You know over here, and the lack of knowledge on the greens. Or if it's just I haven't read them well. I don't really know what the deal has been. But I just haven't putted well here. Today I made putts. I had some really good opportunities that I didn't make but I hit good putts. I kept the ball in play I think better today that I have the past. I think in the past I've hit at some of these bunkers in the fairways. You get up in these lips and everything of the bunkers, and you really don't have a shot. I just did a good job of keeping the ball in play and giving myself really good opportunities for birdies and I happen to capitalize on a number of them.

Q. Talk a little bit about 18, it looks like you were off in the left rough, and you hit a pretty nice recovery shot and it ran up there and made the putt, what kind of lie you had and how that unfolded.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yes, it really was just the only shot I had. I did what the golf course gave me. It gave me a run upshot. We hit a 6-iron. I think we had 146 to the front, about 174ish to the hole. It was really one of those where the lie was, if I had to hit a full shot it was going to be a jumper lie. So I think I was pretty fortunate that I was able to hit the shot that I did and chase it up on the green and let the ball do what the golf course was going to let it do and run up on the green and see how close I could get it, and we got it, I guess about 24 feet, something like that and happen to make the putt to finish off the great day.

Q. I've seen you work a lot on your putting, last Fall you had five or six putters out there of the same kind just trying to find some kind of feel, what did you find over the last little bit here?

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, I don't have any one of the 5 that you saw me. Day. Putting is a quirky thing. Just when you think you've got it, you don't. It's always your feel can be, off and on, from day-to-day from 9 to 9, it just depends. I really been working hard with my path of my stroke, my speed control, things like that, and just trying to hit my spots and have good pace on the putts. If I can do that, and continue to do that, then I think some good things will happen and today I managed to do that a fair bit of time.

Q. You mentioned you haven't played here as much as Ryan, but what do you think about having two club members at the top of the leaderboard, what does that say if anything?

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, I think it's pretty cool. It would be fun if we could fast forward this to Sunday and make tomorrow we are one shot apart going into the last group. It would be a lot of fun. I'm sure people that know that we are both hometown guys. I know a lot of people know that Ryan is a member. A lot of people may not know that I'm a member here. Hopefully by the end of the week they will, and Ryan and I can continue to play the way we're playing and get paired together and have fun on Sunday and I hope I come out on top.

Q. With that said, you and him have played together right?

JOHN ROLLINS: Yes, we played a number of times.

Q. Who has had the upper hand on those?

JOHN ROLLINS: I'm sure it depends on who our partner is that particular day. We've had some good times, and Ryan and I are good buddies. We live probably a mile apart in Colleyville. We play a lot of golf here together, yes.

Q. Any real memorable story from the big game that you guys would play out here?

JOHN ROLLINS: None that I can really speak on the record about.

MODERATOR: Anything else? John Rollins, thank you, sir.