What they said: K.J. Choi

December 02, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Tough round for you today. Can we get a few comments about your round.

KJ CHOI: It wasn't my top form today. Not that that's an excuse, but I didn't really have a good sleep last night, really struggled, especially on the back nine obviously. The ball went in the water twice on No.15. I just wasn't really feeling all that great.

But the good thing about it is that I'm still in it and just need to get a lot of rest today.

Q. Can you take us through that 15th hole when you had the quadruple bogey??

KJ CHOI: Yeah, I mean, the tee shot went into the water, third shot went in the water again, so got a fifth shot over the green, chipped it and made the putt. I think it was really misjudgment on the wind on the tee shots.

Q. Can you talk about Tiger's game for us??

KJ CHOI: To put it simply, today he played like an artist. He really played well. It's pretty clear that he's really recovered and is back in his old form again, and he missed a few putts, but it was really good to see him play well.

Q. Despite struggling a little, you're still in contention. Can you tell us about the last 36 holes and how you're feeling going into this weekend??

KJ CHOI: Yeah, definitely we still have a lot of holes remaining. I just need to get my -- my body is a little fatigued right now. I just need to get my condition back. There's still a lot of holes to play, so I'm looking forward to it.