What they said: Jim Renner

October 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 62??

JIM RENNER: Today was a pretty good day. You know, it was a big change of events considering from 7:30 to 8:30, I was sweating it out to see if I was even going to play today. You know, it's more or less just a relief to get to come out here and play.

I feel like my game has been heading in the right direction. Finally kind of came full circle today and went pretty well.

Q. Made the cut on the numbers and then you throw 10 birdies on the card. You set the course record even with the bogey on your card.

JIM RENNER: The bogey, I didn't hit necessarily a bad shot but that's going to happen out here. This is a tough golf course, but it's also nice the greens, the holes. We had a beautiful day out here. Any day you make ten birdies there is not too much you are going to sit here and complain about.

Q. It's a big deal for you. You are just outside the top 150, so you need to make some cash here in these next three tournaments??

JIM RENNER: That was what I was kind of holding onto this morning. This was a pretty big field and obviously when I missed the cut last week and I felt like I played pretty good.

And then heading into this week, I kind of felt like my game was heading in the right direction. To think that I was just going to miss the cut by one was just going to be obviously not what you would like. It's nice that I played a good round today and hopefully throw a good one at them tomorrow.