What they said: Pat Perez

August 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Obviously a disappointing finish there. What kind of positive do you take out of it??


Q. Can you talk about your play today? I mean, 4-under 68 going in.

PAT PEREZ: I didn't play that well. I got lucky as hell on the 5th hole. I hit it 6 yards left and the tree kicked it out.

No, I played all right. I played all right.

Q. Fourth top 10 of the year. Kind of had things going there April and May, a little bit of a struggle in there. Any kind of confidence builder here finishing top 5??

PAT PEREZ: No. No. No positive. Second, second. Second. First loser.

Q. Just talk about 17 and 18, coming down the stretch there. I know you had the tough bunker shot on 18.

PAT PEREZ: I played those holes as (expletive) as you could possibly play 'em, bar none. To finish 5-5 is embarrassing. I missed three putts inside ten feet last three holes. That's not going to win.

Q. It comes down it that??

PAT PEREZ: Not going to win.