What they said: Nick O'Hern

August 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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NICK O'HERN: You know, I played well again, just wasn't quite as sharp with the putter. Unfortunately the greens were a little bumpier, and seemed to be a few crowns around some of holes, so it was pretty hard to get the ball in the hole today.

Q. That being said, obviously still in a good position going into tomorrow.

NICK O'HERN: In good shape. As I said, I played well again today. Just nothing really happened. I was just kind of fighting an uphill balancing all the way.

But overall I'm pretty pleased. I'm a couple back I think, at the moment. With 36 to go, not too bad.

Q. Anything else about the golf course other than the greens are a little bumpy? I know the wind laid down a little bit this afternoon, but anything in particular?

NICK O'HERN: Yeah, well the wind sort of -- I wish if anything it just stayed there that way we knew which direction it was coming from. Because when it did come up, it seemed to come up from opposite directions.

So I misjudged probably three, four shots today with the wind mainly because it just kind of switched on us.

So it's a little tricky out there. But if it does blow, it would be nice if it just kept it up so we at least knew where it was coming from.

Q. 65 in the opening round, 72 today. Did it to play tougher today??

NICK O'HERN: I think it did, yeah, definitely. The greens weren't as smooth as I had 'em yesterday morning. But there's a fine line between shooting 7-under and even. I played pretty much the same, just didn't get the ball quite close enough and the short game wasn't quite as sharp as yesterday.

I made a few mistakes. But on the positive side, they were (indiscernible) mistakes, not negative ones.

Q. Now your position on the points list, you're safely into the playoffs. Does that play on your mind at all thinking about position going forward??

NICK O'HERN: Not at this stage, no. My biggest goal is kind of to win this tournament and get into the PGA next week. You know, just one step at the a time basically.

I've got some good form behind me. I don't think I'm too far back going into the weekend, and I would love to pull this one out.

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