What they said: Jimmy Walker

November 30, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Jimmy, you started out with a birdie and then you gave it back at 2; you made another birdie 6 at and gave it back at 7. Then at 12 you got the big eagle that got things going.

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, I hit a really good drive, probably the best of the week. Hit a nice 7-iron. Got it in there pretty close and got that one to go.

Seemed like just couldn't get the ball to go in the hole today. I gave myself some chances all day and just nothing was really falling today. I think I made all of em yesterday.

Q. You had some great looks today, and it looked like you and Bill really found a rhythm there late from the day.

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, we did. I think we both would have liked to have made a few more, you know, kept the momentum going. It was just a little difficult. Couldn't seem to get one to go.

He finally made a good putt on 17 to get on in. So it was a struggle, but we were hanging in there all day.

Q. What were you thinking of doing on 18? Were you thinking that ball was gonna move a little?

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah. I had the same putt last year. I know it's a different green, but it ended up breaking pretty good. I hit it right where I wanted to.

I hit a lot of putts right where I wanted to today. They just didn't seem to go in.

Q. Talk about the day.

JIMMY WALKER: You know, I shot 2-under, but I was hoping for something a little better. Just couldn't seem to get any putts to go in.

Q. Talk about the week in general??

JIMMY WALKER: It was a great week. Made the cut on the number, and finishing top 10, that's always a treat.

Another good tournament here at Greenbrier for me, so excited to come back next year and try to do a little better.

Q. What do you think about playing a place like this??

JIMMY WALKER: It's beautiful. I mean, my wife and I have enjoyed it this week. It's a great place to hang out, the food is amazing, and everybody is so nice.

The hotel is great. I don't know how you can't like it.

Q. Next week??

JIMMY WALKER: I have a week off, and hopefully that finish got me in the PGA. We'll see.

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