What they said: Cameron Tringale

July 30, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Nice playing out there. Just get some comments from the day.

CAMERON TRINGALE: I played nicely. I did everything I needed to do except make putts on the back, and, you know, thought I left four or five out there.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Moving day out there today. There were some pins you could get to. Comment about the difference today.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, played easy today I thought with the -- they must've watered the greens. All the greens are really soft. The flags were attackable so you could shoot (indiscernible) if you had it going.

Q. Four shots behind Anthony but not many players in between you two guys. Just comments on your playing smart.

CAMERON TRINGALE: They do the same thing I did today except make a few more putts. You know, I drove it well; wedged it well; I had all the pieces except those putts dropping.

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