What they said: Paul Goydos

July 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 68 yesterday, 69, numbers in the 60s on this golf course is not a bad thing to be doing out here.

PAUL GOYDOS: Yeah, I'm kind of looking at a par 73, so you break 70, that's pretty good.

Q. So tell me is it the driver that's giving you the opportunities? I've seen you miss a few fairways, but the wedges have gotten close to the hole when you've had the mistakes, but this rough is brutal?

PAUL GOYDOS: You can't hit the rough. That's that. I've driven it pretty good. I just missed it in the right place for two days. I think I hit it a little better than I've been, but I've kind of gotten away with it so far. If you hit it in the rough, eventually you're going down.

Q. I know you're pitching your schedule a little bit at the beginning of the year, did you play here in '05??

PAUL GOYDOS: I did not.

Q. If you played here in '05, I figured this would have been one of the tournaments that would have been right in your wheelhouse to come out here and play. Not that long and you like to drive it pretty straight. You like this this type of golf course, don't you??

PAUL GOYDOS: Generally. This is a little tough. You land your ball on the fairway and two bounces and it's in the rough is a little tough. But this week I can argue that 30 yards off line is worse than 5 yards off line. Sometimes when the rough gets thick, it's better off because of the crowd. That's not the case this week. You've got trees and stuff there. I like the course, I do. Being a California guy, I like playing here.

Q. I played here in '05. I really struggled reading the greens. Are you finding that to be the case? That green you hit on 8, I had no idea what that putt was going to do and you made it right one in the middle.

PAUL GOYDOS: Yeah, straight ones are hard to read. I like it. Yeah, so far it's been pretty good. The only thing is you've got to hit it in a spot where you can see. Sometimes you'll hit it all day long in a place you can't read it. And so far this week I've hit it in spots that I can read it.

Q. If you can shoot two more rounds in the 60's, I think we'll be talking to you on Sunday.

PAUL GOYDOS: I can't imagine it wouldn't be really good.

Q. (Indiscernible)?(Indiscernible)?

PAUL GOYDOS: It's a par 70 and playing very hard. You've got to stay out of the cabbage and make putts, and I kind of did most of that all day.

Q. Your last hole there on nine missed the fairway by six feet.

PAUL GOYDOS: That's not good. I don't know that we should be penalizing a guy that lands on the fairway and two bounces in the rough by a stroke. But that's what it is.

It's one of those courses that if you don't hit every shot, you're going to struggle to make par. Your tee shot, approach shot, whatever. We are pros. We are supposed to be able to do that.

Q. Is that too penal??

PAUL GOYDOS: It would be -- since it's -- this week -- I'm not a big fan, okay? I'm not a big fan of the bomb and gouge kind of theory of golf. But the reality is this week it works because 30 yards off line is worse than 20 yards off line, which is worse than 10 yards off line.

A lot of times we'll play and have five yards of rough, and the crowd will trample it down, and you hit it 30 yards off line, and it's bounced in the rough. But it's not the case this week with the trees.

It's working out for me this week. No. 9 would have been fun to have a lie that hooked it around the tree and try to do something and just chip it over the side.

We're all playing the same thing. You've got to just keep grinding it out. That's a great cliche, keep grinding it out.

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