What they said: Stephen Ames

July 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. I'm sure you're a little disappointed not making the cut here this week, but tell me a little about the support you had here over the past couple of days??

STEPHEN AMES: Normal support like any other Canadian Open. It was good. The golf course is in great condition. I think attendance-wise, I think it was probably more than it has been in the past which is good.

That's what we're trying on get out for Canadian golf and the Canadian Open all together.

Q. I'm sure you're already looking forward to coming back next year.

STEPHEN AMES: At Hamilton next year, isn't it? Yes, obviously, yeah. Every year we look forward to the Canadian Open for us, because being Canadians we get treated a little differently. Obviously, we have a little bit more support, which is great. And being close to home it's also nice to be playing in your own home country which is good.

Q. Something to look forward to??

STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, always something to look forward to.

Q. Is it your right-hand that's causing it??

STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, right wrist.

Q. Is it something that's been hurting you all week, is it something that just happened today??

STEPHEN AMES: It just happened today on the par-5, 15th hole.

Q. So what are you going to do? What is the plan?

STEPHEN AMES: Right now ice it tonight, and I'm going to get treatment tomorrow. But right now it's aggravated and very swollen. So we'll see how it goes at this stage. To continue playing next week in the Canadian Skins game, I'll just take time off from there and go from there.

Q. Do you know at what point today it happened??

STEPHEN AMES: It was one particular shot. It was a shot on the 15, side hill lie over the rough, and I felt it. Even though I hit it six inches from the hole, I did feel it when I hit it, definitely.

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