What they said: Chez Reavie

July 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: Okay. We'll go ahead and get started. Chez Reavie, thanks for joining us after a very solid second round. Obviously a little hiccup there at the 9th, your last hole. But still, 62, I think at one point if I looked at it right. Nine-hole stretch you were 8-under. So you've obviously just gotta be feeling really good about heading into the weekend.

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. Yeah. The putter's been great. That's been the key. I saved some poor shots and made good par shots and hit some good shots and made birdies. So it's always fun when you do that.

THE MODERATOR: With that we'll go ahead and open it up for a few questions.

Q. Were you thinking 59 at all there with about three holes to go??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. You know, I birdied the 7th hole, the par-3, and that's when I thought, you know, I make two more birdies, I shoot 59. And then I hit it up there to about eight, ten feet on the 8th hole and hit a great putt and lipped out. It was a hard lip-out. And then I kind of took a deep breath and I was like, okay, now it's not really in the cards. But yeah, I thought about it and I was laughing about it and joking about it.

Q. Did that play with your head at all when 59 popped in or no??

CHEZ REAVIE: No, not at all. I was joking with my caddie, picturing me holding the little ball like Goydos was. And I hit three great shots and it just didn't go in. But I couldn't be upset. I made enough putts. I only had 21 putts today. So I can't really complain about a putt not going in.

Q. Still, that's a heck of a score anytime. Do you take passion from that??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, absolutely. You know, I feel great about it. It relieved a lot of pressure from the full shots that I had to hit because I knew if I just got it on the green somewhere, I really had a good chance of making a birdie.

Q. What's your life been like trying to climb up that Money List again this year after surgery??

CHEZ REAVIE: It's been a little bit of a roller coaster. I finally kind of figured out how I need to think. At first I was kind of counting my starts and counting how much money, and I was so stressed about thinking about that I wasn't thinking about golf so much. So after about five or six tournaments at the beginning of the year I just said, to hell with this. I'm just going to go play and wherever I finish up, I finish up, and then I started playing better golf.

Q. Which knee was it that you had surgery on??

CHEZ REAVIE: My right knee.

Q. What was the issue??

CHEZ REAVIE: I had a torn ACL and meniscus.

Q. And when was the surgery??

CHEZ REAVIE: June 1st, last year.

Q. So what's your status now??

CHEZ REAVIE: I'm playing in the top 126 to 150 category. My medical's run out.

Q. What specifically was working? You mentioned the putting. I mean how did you feel off the tee or with your approach shot?

CHEZ REAVIE: You know, I felt fine. I didn't feel great. But I feel great with the putter. So I just -- I made sure I gave myself chances. Put it that way. I wasn't super aggressive. I mean some shots I was super aggressive because I only had pitching wedge in or something like that, but when I had a mid to longer iron in, I played more toward the fat part of the green and just tried to give myself an opportunity.

Q. Is the course playing any different since it has been drier? I watched you hit that shot on 6 and it seemed like it did pretty well.

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. It's completely different from when I've played here in the past. When I've played here in the past, it's rained and the ball plugs in the fairways, so it's usually a longer golf course. But then the greens you know you can be super aggressive because the ball is going to stop wherever it lands; whereas, now, you can hit one and it can land right next to the hole and bounce over the green. So you have to be careful and know when you can kind of go after it and when you can't.

Q. How long was it after the surgery before you could go hit balls again??

CHEZ REAVIE: I didn't hit full drivers until December. Obviously it was kind of a gradual. I want to say I went three months without any swings at all, and then I'd hit 10 sand wedges and see how the knee would handle it. Then I'd hit 20. And I hit a couple 9-irons.

I was a little more aggressive with it than my doctor told me I could be. But that's just kind of my nature, I guess. I don't know. I didn't really tell him until after I did it and everything was fine. Then I told him what I'd done.

Q. Was there ever any doubt in your mind that you'd be able to bounce back from that??

CHEZ REAVIE: No, not really. The ACL and meniscus surgery now it's so routine for the doctors. They do such a great job with it.

I didn't know -- obviously I didn't know what was going to be different. It turned out my golf swing ended up being completely different. I had a lot more power because I could turn into my right knee better and really push off my right side better. And even just walking, I had to learn a new movement pattern in just walking.

Q. When you lipped out on 8, was it darn near that was a birdie or darn near that was a 59??

CHEZ REAVIE: Darn near that was a 59.

THE MODERATOR: 62, is that your career low on TOUR??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. Yeah. 9. I've shot 8. I've shot 8-9 a couple times, I think. But I think like you said, they were 63 and 64s, I think.

Q. Where does that name Chez come from??

CHEZ REAVIE: William Chesney is my full name. I've been called Chez since day one.

THE MODERATOR: Lastly, if you wouldn't mind just running us through your cards starting with 10, give us your birdies and bogeys and clubs and yards as best you remember.

CHEZ REAVIE: 10th hole, I hit driver into the first cut on the left. I laid up with a 7-iron. I had 103 yards in, hit a sand wedge to about six feet just right of the hole and past it and made it. 12, I'm drawing a blank on 12.

Q. Par-3??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. I'm trying to think where I hit it.

THE MODERATOR: I think you hit it 12 feet. Was it 12 feet short of the hole maybe?

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. It was actually -- it was just past the hole. 12 feet past the hole. Made a 12-footer there. 14 -- 13 I made a great par. It's a short hole. It's a really wide fairway. I hit my tee shot in the right bunker and hit an 8-iron, and the pin's front right and I missed it right of the green down at the bottom of the hill, and I hit a great chip to like 10 feet past the hole and made that, and that was kind of the momentum starter there with a par. I turned that easy hole into a very difficult hole and made a good putt, and then I was off to the running.

I hit a 3-wood on 14 to I had 70 yards to the flag and hit it up there about five feet and made it. 15, I hit driver down there to the fairway and hit a pitching wedge to about five feet and made it. 17 -- 16 I made another eight-footer for par. I hit it just past the hole and to the right up just off the fringe, and I had a weird lie and I tried to putt it and I hit it too hard and ran it way by.

17, I hit driver in the middle, hit a hybrid just left of the green just off, chipped it up to two feet and made it. No. 18, I hit driver in the middle, hit a 9-iron from 154 yards to like two feet.

No. 1 I made par, boring par. No. 2, I hit driver down the middle. Had 220 yards to the flag, hit a 4-iron to like two feet, three feet, something like that. It was close. No. 3 I hit a 6-iron from 188 to carry like 197 to the flag. 6-iron to 10 feet short, made it.

No. 4 I hit driver down there into the middle. I had 137 yards and hit a pitching wedge to like 10 feet short of it and made it. No. 5 I hit a 3-wood into the fairway and then over-cut a 6-iron into the front right bunker and just barely got it out of the bunker and then chipped it out and made like a three-footer for bogey.

No. 6 I hit a hybrid down the middle, had 139 yards to the flag, hit a pitching wedge to five feet short and made it. No. 7, the par-3, it was 188 yards today. I hit a 6-iron to 15 feet right of it and made it. No. 8 I hit driver in the middle of the fairway and hit an 8-iron to about 10, 15 feet and had a hard lip-out there. I thought that one was going to go in and it lipped out.

Then 9 I hit a 3-wood into the middle of the fairway, hit a 5-iron from 210 and blocked it into the -- kind of over-cut it, blocked it into the right bunker and pitched it out to about six feet and hit a good putt, just didn't play enough break. Made bogey.

Q. How did the course play today? I mean a lot of guys going low, not as low as you, but a lot of guys going out there. Is the course easy?

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah. You know, the greens seemed a little softer today. Obviously I played in the morning instead of the afternoon, so they're going to be a little softer. And they rolled great. So if you hit a good putt on line, it's going to go in. So I think that's why guys are making a lot of birdies.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Well, Chez, great playing today. Look forward to watching you over the weekend and get you back in here tomorrow.

CHEZ REAVIE: Absolutely.

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