What they said: Chris Kirk

July 02, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Eight birdies out on the golf course today. I mean, I know we saw two guys tie the course record with 64s, but 63, eight birdies on this golf course, did they really put that much water on the golf course and on the greens last night??

CHRIS KIRK: Well, when I saw what those guys shot yesterday, I was thinking, how in the heck did they do that to be honest with you. So I guess I now know.

But no, the greens were a tiny bit softer. It wasn't easy, they were still really tough, but I just had one of those days. I got a lot of great breaks and putted the ball really, really well.

Q. Especially on the 11th hole where you missed the fairway left in that deep rough, front hole location, I didn't see anyone able to stop the ball on the green, but that ball just carried the bunker on the right line. Was that how you visualized it??

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, that was my only chance to keep it in that little bowl down there. I had a decent lie and just opened up the face on a wedge and just tried to hit it as hard and high as I could, and it just came out perfect like a lot of shots did today.

Q. And made a lot of good putts out there, too. Did you have any idea when you got to the 18th tee, were you thinking to yourself, I think if I can make par here --

CHRIS KIRK: No, I was trying to make another birdie. It's definitely -- I'm somewhat of a streaky player, so when I get on those runs I need to take advantage of it. With that front left pin I felt like if I did a good job I could have a lob wedge in and make another birdie. That was my only thought.

Q. Great playing this morning.

CHRIS KIRK: Thank you very much. Yeah, it was a day I've been waiting for for a while. I've been struggling a little bit lately, and it's nice to have one of those days where everything goes your way.

Q. How early do you think to yourself, I've got a shot to go low today??

CHRIS KIRK: Starting with the first hole I hit my drive over there to the right in the rough, drew kind of a deep lie and was able to hit a really good shot out to about 15 feet behind the hole and had a downhill 15-footer that broke about three feet left to right and made it right in the middle of the hole. So from then on, it just kind of kept going that way.

Q. Front nine in general, shooting 30 like that, talk about the confidence growing as the round went on.

CHRIS KIRK: Absolutely, yeah. I was hitting some good iron shots, good wedge shots, controlling the ball pretty well, and yeah, the way I was rolling it today, it's kind of nice to hit it up there somewhere and there's a pretty good chance you're going to make it.

Q. Obviously you played well, but did you think this kind of a number was possible??

CHRIS KIRK: No, I did not. I did not. When I saw K.J. shoot 6-under yesterday, I felt like I played reasonably well yesterday and shot 1-over, and I just said, I don't know how he did that. But I guess now I know.

Q. The greens, were they softer than yesterday??

CHRIS KIRK: I'd say the greens were very consistent the last few days. They were a tiny bit softer. I guess they put a little bit of water on them just to make them playable, really. It's still tough; they're still very firm and fast.

Q. As far as the pin positions, were they in spots where you could get to them??

CHRIS KIRK: Some were and some weren't. There were some where you definitely had to play away from. There was probably five or six of them that you just really, really couldn't go at. But then there were some that you could.

Q. Ultimately you want to be holding the trophy tomorrow. What does it mean to have your name next to the holder of the course record??

CHRIS KIRK: It's great. Like you said, it's more about getting myself into contention, but that's a nice little bonus, I guess.

Q. Do you hold the course record at any other courses??

CHRIS KIRK: I don't know. Not that I know of.

Q. Do you have a career low on the TOUR??

CHRIS KIRK: In tournaments I think 63 is the lowest I've shot. I shot 63 once earlier this year, I think, and did it a couple times last year. I think that ties my career tournament low.

Q. How about amateur days??

CHRIS KIRK: I've shot 62 before just playing with some friends, but 63 I think -- I shot it at a decent course, which is always nice, but that ties my career low, I guess.

Q. What kind of caliber of course is Aronimink compared to other courses you play on the TOUR??

CHRIS KIRK: This is one of the better ones that we play all year, and I think every other player will agree with that. It's just a great golf course. It tests every part of your game. It's not the type of course that I typically have fared well on.

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