What they said: Rickie Fowler

July 01, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: AT&T National transcript archive Q. Five birdies out there on the day. That's pretty good for this golf course.

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, it's definitely one of the toughest ones we play. I made some good putts which definitely helped.

Q. Tell me about the greens. How did they hold up today??

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, they definitely got a hop and a skip in there. It's tough to hold your shot with a longer iron. The balls are skipping towards holes. I think it's playing really good right now, playing fair. If you hit it in the fairway you have a chance to hit a good shot in there.

Q. I know you weren't in the rough a lot, but it was pretty deep, wasn't it??

RICKIE FOWLER: It is. I'm glad I didn't have to play from it much. That's probably been one of my weaknesses this year is driving it, and I'm definitely coming around and starting to get more confidence with the new driver. I've had it in now long enough to finally get some trust in it, so heading in the right direction, seeing some more fairways and it's leading to better putts.

Q. Does it help knowing that on a golf course like that you can't be super aggressive??

RICKIE FOWLER: Well, for me it's more just making sure I fully commit to making a good swing. Step up, try and hit it down the middle, make a good solid swing and go from there. Yeah, it's a course you can't get too aggressive on. You've got to put the ball in play, play conservative at times, and there's not too many times where you can get too aggressive.

Q. Comments on your round??

RICKIE FOWLER: I had fun today. I drove the ball well, which hasn't been a strong point this year, and starting to build some confidence with the driver and it's nice to play out of the short grass and have some opportunities to make some birdies. Definitely a couple spots I could make up some ground out there today. I hit some poor wedge shots. But other than that I felt good out there, felt confident in my game. This is one of my favorite courses we play, and looking forward to moving on tomorrow and hopefully getting in on the weekend.

Q. You have one of the bigger gallery followings. Do you feel that out there??

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I've got some great fans. I've had a great following this year, and I had some good fans last year. Unfortunately I didn't play well enough to make the weekend, but it's nice to have a good following out there, and it always is good to have some fans and support out there.

Q. Do you see them adopting your style a little bit??

RICKIE FOWLER: There's definitely some Puma hats floating around. Seems like more and more each week I've got some kids out there telling me to hurry up and go sign some autographs. It's great having fans, having good fans like they are. It's nice to always have supporters out there.

Q. You had that great drive on 9, your last hole, and then a decent second shot in that rough which you mentioned earlier is just not where you want to be. Do you feel like you lost an opportunity there to maybe make birdie??

RICKIE FOWLER: Well, I did. I had 255 to the front edge which was uphill. It was playing all of 265, 270 to get there and tried to hit a big 3-wood, I just mis-hit it a little bit, came up a little short. I thought it was going to be a good place to be. It was actually a good leave there, just happened to draw a bit of a rough lie in the rough. It's not supposed to be good lies in the rough, but just judged it poorly, judged it wrong, came out soft. I had a look at it but walked away with 5.

Q. From the guys in the morning and even Tuesday and Wednesday the greens seem a little bit firmer but then not true throughout the 18, though.

RICKIE FOWLER: I think there's a couple greens that usually get a little firmer than the others, but the course is definitely playing really fair right now. The greens are rolling really good. If you drive the ball in the fairway you can control the ball into the greens. They still rolled good this afternoon, was still able to make putts. But they're definitely firming up, and it makes it tough if you're not on the right side of the fairway or not playing from the fairway at all.

Q. Do you like where this sets up for the weekend for you??

RICKIE FOWLER: I do. I like this course. Unfortunately last year I struggled a bit off the tee and wasn't able to play well enough to get to the weekend. But I do like the way this course sets up for my game. I've got some great fans and a good following out here, so looking forward to playing well this week.

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