What they said: Kevin Sutherland

April 15, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Kevin, you know when we used to play over at the other golf course, that's where the rollercoaster was. You had kind of a fun day today. There was some highs, then a couple lows and you were able to keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I did, yes. If you had seen it, it would have been even more of a rollercoaster. I hit it all over the place. I don't know how many greens I hit. It wasn't very many. But I cut it very well to shoot the score I shot today.

It's a hard golf course and hard conditions. I made a couple birdies on some tough holes and I took advantage of some of the easier ones and I bogeyed a lot of the hard holes.

Q. Tell me about the eagle.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I hit a 3-wood off the tee still downwind on a par 5, and hit a hybrid, rolled 25 feet past the hole and made the putt. It was on the fringe but actually a chip, I guess.

Q. You know, you hit 8 greens today and 4 fairways and shot 2-under, 70 in these conditions. Okay. From now on I'm just going to call you Houdini. You're going to pull a rabbit out of your golf bag.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I'm hoping to hit it a little better tomorrow.

Q. Tell me about this golf course though. In these conditions, it's just a tough course.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It's a hard golf course, you know, you like to say. One thing I did do today, I didn't get into the junk. I hit a lot of balls in the rough but kept it out of the junk. You can still play from that. You can still make some pars as I did today.

But you got to drive the ball in the fairway to have any chance on these greens. The greens are so severe that if the ball is just coming out of the rough, you can't stop and running into funny spots.

Q. So far so good, 3-under par. You're in a good position into the weekend. Hit a couple fairways.

Tough day in the wind but had a very good round on this day. All got started at 12, birdie, birdie, eagle. Tell me about the stretch and what did it for you.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: Yeah. I bogeyed 11 and went birdie, birdie, eagle. I made more bogies. It kept me going. It was a nice stretch. 12 was playing extremely difficult and I hit a 5-iron from 160 or something crazy like that and rolls in and made about a 25-footer and 20-footer for eagle. I putted very well today.

Q. Overall, what were the conditions like with, you know, the wind that was really blustery and how were you able to handle it??

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: You know, it was playing really tough and, to be honest with you, my ball striking really didn't handle it very well but the one thing I did do, I kept it in spots where I can get it up and down.

Then I didn't hit it in the junk. I was able to keep it out of that and give myself some room for chips. I wasn't short-sided. Again, I gave myself a lot of chances to make some putts and I did. Sometimes maybe it's not a real good ball striking day but I got it around.