What they said: Chris Tidland

March 11, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. If you want to just talk about your round and what went well out there today.

CHRIS TIDLAND: Well, everything obviously went pretty well. I got off to a nice start. I hit a 6-iron on the second hole, No. 11. I hit it to a foot, and that kind of started me off. I made some nice putts for par, and then I just kept hitting some fairways and some greens.

And I had a lot of great looks, you know, from 3 to 12 feet, and I made a lot of them today. These greens are in such good shape, and there's not a whole lot of break around the hole. There's a lot of putts that are right edge, left edge, and if you can get them started on line, you can make some putts, and I fortunately did today.

Q. And what were a couple -- did you make a couple long ones today??

CHRIS TIDLAND: I didn't make any long ones. I made kind of a nice par save. I was playing good, and then on No. 4 on the back nine maybe, 4, yeah, I hit it left off the tee into the bunker, had a pretty good bunker shot release to 8 or 10 feet long, and that was kind of the putt downhill slider, most break I had all day. I played a cup out, and I poured it in the middle and that kind of kept my momentum going.

And then coming in I hit 5-iron inside of three feet two holes in a row, 6 and 7. So that was nice to kind of steal a few there and make some birdies. And nice finish, made a four or five-footer on the last for par.

Q. Going into the weekend what are your thoughts on this course? You've played before?

CHRIS TIDLAND: I've never played. No. I've never come to the event.

Q. What are your thoughts on the course??

CHRIS TIDLAND: No, it's great. It's in good shape. It's a fun place. It's fun. All of us are staying at the resort. They take good care of us. It's great food, and yeah, it's been a great week.

Q. Is there something about the course that kind of fits your eye??

CHRIS TIDLAND: Not really. I mean it wasn't like -- I haven't played much. I've only played in Mexico this year. I've been working hard on my game, but it's hard to know how you're playing at home. So I'm still rusty, but today, you know, obviously was a good one, and you know, hopefully I'll build on that and learn from that and take this weekend as a great learning experience.

Q. Okay. Good deal. Thanks a lot.