What they said: Y.E. Yang

March 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Honda Classic transcript archive Q. Well if you're going to finish a Saturday off, finish it off with flair: Birdie at 17, birdie at 18, two good fist pumps there. Tell me about your day.

Y.E. YANG: You know what, starting on from 15, that's the dread Bear Trap. Don't want to be there but have to go through there.

Yeah, I tried to play conservative, just play par, and on 15, 16, I went quite well. On 17, the second shot wasn't too good. And I had a long putt. But I think it looked links style golf course a good birdie putt, so I think I finished up the two holes quite well, and I'm feeling good going into Sunday.

Q. What is it about golf courses that are so difficult that just bring out the best in you??

Y.E. YANG: You know, I just try not to be greedy. Try not to be greedy. You can't beat course like this. So sometimes a course just let's you take a birdie or two on it, and I just capitalize on the moment. That's about it.

I'm just trying to play my own game and we'll see at the end of tomorrow where I stand. If I am in contention tomorrow then I'll try to maybe pick it up a notch, but if not, I'll just try to play my own game.

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