What they said: Jerry Kelly

March 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Honda Classic transcript archive DAVE SENKO: Jerry, interesting day, maybe just some thoughts on your round and then we'll get some questions.

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, I'd say interesting is a pretty good way to look at it. I mean, I felt great on some shots. I didn't feel quite as good on others. Felt great on some putts. Didn't feel great on others. It wasn't as clean of a round as it was yesterday, but got some good putts to fall today. Interesting on 6, getting the ball stuck up in a tree. I felt like I managed my emotions pretty well through it all and came through with a decent round.

Q. Can you go through what happened on 6 with the ball in the tree, how did that play out??

JERRY KELLY: I was hitting an 8 iron to lay up, just had a bad lie in the rough. I hit it dead on line with those palms, and I Mediate whether I said to my caddie, "I hope that doesn't stick up there."

I knew the second I hit it and heard it hit something, that there was a good chance that would happen. Came up there, a policeman that saw the ball from start to finish, saw exactly where it was so he could point it out to me. Luckily, one of the cameramen was able to take a digital photo of it, blow it up on his screen and we could identify it.

Q. Have you ever used a cameraman's digital shot before??

JERRY KELLY: No, that's a first no, question about it. That was a first.

Q. Did you think that you would have been able to convince a rules official without a photo??

JERRY KELLY: No. Binoculars. And I have pretty good eyes, and I wouldn't have been able to see it.

Q. You couldn't have climbed up??


Q. What has made the 6th hole so difficult??

JERRY KELLY: Can't miss it right. Can't miss it left. It's the narrowest fairway. One of the longest holes. So I mean, it's a par 5 changed to a par 4. You know what happens when people do that. Becomes a strange hole. That's not the way it was built. That's the way it is.

Q. Five stroke lead for Rory; is that catchable and could weather factor in??

JERRY KELLY: It's catchable in three holes. You never know what three holes they may be. You've just got to play solid, get some birdies, and you never know.

Q. How important is it to get off to a good start on these, what looks like easier holes, the first five??

JERRY KELLY: I think it's big. It gives you a comfort level knowing that you can give something back because the course is most likely going to take something from you at some point.

There's almost a little cushion. But you never want to give anything back. But the second you get off to a good start, you feel like you can weather the storm a little bit easier.

Q. How long did you live down here, and did you have a lot of people out there today from those days when you were here following??

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, seven or eight years I lived down here. It was a good time. I'm staying with my parents in Jupiter Hills this week. So I like the home cooking and having a good time.

Q. What's it like to play with Rory? How well do you guys know each other and what do you think it will be like tomorrow in terms of interaction in the round?

JERRY KELLY: I just played with him last week. I played with him in Hawai'i. I've already played with hem a decent amount this year. We always have a good time together. Him talking it up doesn't bother me, because I tend to do the same thing.

You know, Y.E., he'll probably just go about his business and listen to us a little bit and have a laugh. (Smiling).

Q. With you compare the weather conditions today to the first two days??

JERRY KELLY: I think today was a little closer to the first day. I think it laid down a little bit for us because the day went on. Then again, you step right up to 17 and it feels like it's blowing the hardest it's blown all day.

It's one of those exposed spots that is going to blow no matter what. It's just a tough golf course. It doesn't matter really if it blows or no. But I think it's supposed to blow possibly a hair different direction tomorrow, not really positive, you guys might know more than that.

Q. When you won in New Orleans, wasn't it a case of Rory trying to catch you on the final round??

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, he was there.

Q. How much if at all did 6 kind of take your momentum away, or is that just a factor of the first hole of the holes to go get??

JERRY KELLY: It's almost a little of both. You know, it's a tough hole. You come out there of with a par and it almost feels like you made a birdie.

Coming out of there with a bogey with a penalty stroke, again, it felt awfully good. So even though it was a bogey, it was a damn good bogey and you can take something out of that.

Q. Feel like a hockey match tomorrow, just trying to stay in it??

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, that's what golf course does to you. You've got to play hard on every shot.

DAVE SENKO: Thank you.