What they said: D.A. Points

February 11, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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NELSON SILVERIO: We welcome D.A. Points here to the media center at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. D.A., how would you describe your round today?

D.A. POINTS: All over the place. Actually, I didn't hit it that bad. I just got off to a bad start. Spyglass is tough. The back nine, the three holes that I just have played over and over and cannot figure out - and actually 16 I'm getting better at - but 10 and 13.

Just 13 sets up terribly for me, and 10 there's just nowhere to hit it. If you hit a big sweeping hook off the tee you can maybe get it on the fairway. It's a tough hole and a tough green.

I bogeyed 10 and 13 and three-putted real silly on I guess 15? 14? 14, yeah. So it was kind of a rough start.

But then I made a good birdie on 17.

Then got to the front nine where I feel a lot more comfortable and hit a great drive on 1 and a really good second shot just short and chipped it up to three or four feet and made that.

2, I hit a really good 9-iron to the back fringe and made about a 16- or 18-footer. That kind of got the lid off, so to speak.

Next hole I hit a nice 8-iron about 12 or 14 feet and made that one.

And then 4, 5, and 6, you kind of try to survive through those three holes. I did that.

And then I birdied 7, which is kind of what you're supposed to do.

8, I hit a really good drive and really good second shot that looked like it was going to be right next to the hole. It hung up in the rough just short of the green and I didn't have a very good lie and made bogey.

Other than that, it was a good day.

NELSON SILVERIO: I know it's two different courses, but conditions a compared to yesterday?

D.A. POINTS: Both courses were amazing. The fairways are a little different. A little softer -- the fairways are a little softer at Spyglass for sure. But greens were rolling great.

Just a beautiful day. Like I said, playing in short sleeves at the AT&T Pebble Beach is as good as it gets.


Q. Did you feel like today was a little more about your golf than the novelty of yesterday??

D.A. POINTS: You know what, maybe. Maybe it wasn't necessarily a good thing either. I think Bill was like, Oh, we tied for the lead, and was maybe a little bit quieter.

But, you know, we all loosened up. I think Bill was struggling a little today, so he was maybe down on himself. We still had a great time.

You know, Harris played nice and Duffy played a little better. So any time you have a day like that, you know, Spyglass is a hard golf course, especially for amateurs. It's hard for us pros, too.

So to get a round there and everybody is alive and upright, we were doing all right.

Q. You think the conditions will get tougher since there's no rain in the forecast? But there's been no wind either.

D.A. POINTS: Correct. If any wind kicks up it'll make it more difficult. From what I've hear, though, Pebble's greens are the firmest of the three courses. So I'll be very aware of that tomorrow when I'm playing, trying keep it below the hole and land it well short of the hole so that I don't get above the pins, which can lead to bad scores.

But, you know, we'll see when we get out there. I tee off late, which will also mean that they'll be dried out a little more and might be a little more bumpy. So we'll see how it goes.

But Pebble is obviously a fun golf course and it's beautiful. I really enjoy playing it.

Q. (No microphone.)

D.A. POINTS: I don't think it'll affect my game. Like I said, you know, maybe it'll help. Maybe it'll loosen me up and kind of realize that, Okay, I'm just out here playing with Bill. I can maybe get lost in that a little bit.

We had some fun today. As a matter of fact, when we were joking around today I was playing pretty well. Maybe I've got to instigate that a little more.

Q. I was going to say, you going to ask Bill to liven it up a little bit??

D.A. POINTS: No. I'm not going to do that, because I'm not going to feed the beast or encourage it.

I'm certainly going to just try and go about my business and try to have fun with him. You know, enjoy -- somebody the other day somebody asked me what was the funniest thing he did.

Today, it was real simple, but it was just so funny to me. He walked up to a little boy that he was wearing a baseball chat, and he took the little boy's hat off and he held it and he said, Son, I would really like for you to have this, and handed him his own hat back.

The little kid looked at him and was like, I don't know where whether to laugh or do I -- oh, my gosh. And I laughed for a good hole about it. It was pretty funny.

NELSON SILVERIO: Any more questions? All right. D.A., thanks.

D.A. POINTS: Thanks, guys.