What they said: Tom Pernice Jr

November 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Tom, 68 today. Good start. Key to the round??

TOM PERNICE JR.: You know, just played pretty solid, really. I had a little bit of a struggle there on the back nine. Two or three holes I missed a fairway or two and missed a green and made a bogey, but couple holes I got up and down for par, saved it.

And then I made a birdie at number 8, which kind of got the round back after I bogeyed 5, and missed about a three or four footer for birdie at the par 5, 7. So the birdie at 8 really kind of saved the round. 4 under feels a lot better than 3.

Q. Jerry Kelly suggested maybe The Palm is playing equally as hard as Magnolia. Give me a thought about the difficulty of these two golf courses. Do you agree with that??

TOM PERNICE JR.: Well, you know, I haven't played the Mag to see where the tees are. You know, you've got five or six tees. If they play the back tees, it's considerably longer, but you know, The Palm is a great golf course. You know, there's some holes you can score on, but there's some holes that are playing difficult as well.

You know, I think the Mag with the five or six holes where they've added the length of 40 or 50 yards a hole, if those tees are back, the Mag would definitely be harder, but not knowing where the tees are, yeah, if you had the old tees, they're equally the same.

Q. Give me a thought as you head toward 2011. Have you thought much about alteration to try to balance this tour with the Champions Tour? Are you satisfied with the way you kind of scheduled your year this year and will you do anything different next year?

TOM PERNICE JR.: Well, if I finish in the Top 125, it'll be a lot different. Playing out of the 126 to 150 category you really don't know your schedule out here very much. I mean you have an idea, but it's tough.

So you know, I still got a chance to have a good week here and see if I can get up there and get ahead of the Top 125 and if that's the case I'd like to play as much as I can out here. I feel like my game's good enough, and this is still where I want to play, so depends where I finish.

Q. Well, excellent start. Good luck the rest of the way.

TOM PERNICE JR.: Thank you.

Q. Is it the lure of playing against the best in the world that still kind of keeps you going??

TOM PERNICE JR.: Yeah, and my game's there to where I can still compete. As long as my game's there where I feel like I can still compete, I want to play against the best in the world.

As long as I continue to improve this game's about being better every day. That's why we work out and we practice and do all these things. So I felt like the quality of my game is good enough to be able to stay out here. So needs a warranty, you need to play well enough to get it done, so we'll see.

Q. Is there any difficulty in trying to juggle both tours that you've found??

TOM PERNICE JR.: I don't think there was any difficulty. My main concern was just try to play as much as I could on the regular TOUR, and when that didn't work out, then I went over and played a Champions Tour event when I could. So I'm very fortunate.

You know, a lot of people aren't near as fortunate as I am, so I'm they thankful that the Champions Tour is there, and it's a great place to play, and all the guys I grew up with played out here for 25 years are over there. So I'm not complaining. I'm very thankful.

Q. Any of those guys telling you, hey, why don't you just kick back and stay with us??

TOM PERNICE JR.: Oh, a lot of them wonder why you want to compete against the best, but that's just my decision, and you know, that's theirs.

Q. You're not alone, though, of course. Michael Allen is trying to do it and Tom Lehman.

TOM PERNICE JR.: Yeah. Tom's a little different. Tom says, "you're trying to play full time on the regular TOUR and part time on the Champions Tour." He says, "I'm playing full time on the champions and part time on the regular." So he says there's a big difference.

But no, everybody has their own cup of tea. I still want to be able to come out here and compete and try to win out here.

Q. Thank you, sir.