What they said: Aaron Baddeley

November 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. So you birdied the Kodak hole. Now you're in a tie. So tell me a little bit. Take me through that hole.

AARON BADDELEY: I hit the tee shot just down the right side. It was just in the rough, actually, and then had 134 to the hole and just hit a pitching wedge, just landed about five yards short of the pin and just rolled up to about three inches.

Q. Knowing that a birdie would put you into a tie, did that go through your mind when you approached the hole at all or were you trying to put it out of your head??

AARON BADDELEY: I was just trying to play the hole on those merits, but also trying to make a birdie.

You know, like I was trying to finish a good stretch. I birdied at 16, so I was trying to finish with three birdies in a row. It was in the back of my mind, for sure.

Q. Assuming that Troy doesn't make a birdie and he makes a par and it forces a playoff on Sunday, is that going to be in the back of your head going into the rest of the weekend or are you just going to try to play the rest of the tournament as normal??

AARON BADDELEY: Well, I'm holding it as much as I can, besides holing out from the fairway. So really the ball's in his court to make a birdie to win it, really, unless I hole my second. So like I said, I've tried to nil about it as much as I could.

Q. So obviously Rickie came all the way out from China to make a go at it as well and there's been a lot of banter between the two of them on social media and Twitter and everything about who's going to win the prize. Anything you'd like to say about that??

AARON BADDELEY: We did the same thing. Actually I took a picture of Kevin Streelman with the Kodak trophy at his house for his birthday party and sent that to Troy, so that was getting on him a little bit.

Q. Well, best of luck the rest of the weekend. Thank you for your time, Aaron.