What they said: Bo Van Pelt

October 17, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Bo, it took not one, not two, not three, but four hole-out eagles in order for you to lose this golf tournament, or should I say for Rocco to win it??

BO VAN PELT: You know, what, to finish 2-2-4 like he did, you got to tip your hat. He was having a tough day. We all were. None of us were playing very well there early.

You just tip your hat to a guy that goes 2-2, makes a nice putt there on 18.

Q. Do you remember what you did after he holed out on 17 for his eagle from 116 yards? I happened to be watching you. You didn't get mad. You didn't throw a club. You laughed.

BO VAN PELT: Well, yeah, Billy Ray, we were talking about Alex's pitch mark. I said, Oh, it's no problem. He's going to land it behind the hole.

He goes, Yeah, he's already holed three of these this week. Billy Ray, look out if he goes to Vegas next week. He's calling 'em well.

Q. This is a great year for, and you it's a great tournament. It's unfortunate that you didn't win. Sometimes you have to control over those things.

BO VAN PELT: Yeah, it was more just I had three three-putts today. That's what did it. My speed was terrible. Three-putted the first hole and I was fighting my speed all day. That's what I'll look back on.

You know what, when they graded me, Golf Channel, they said my putting was a C this year. I know what I got to work on the next two and a half months. We're going to do a whole a lot of that and get ready for 2011.

Q. Thank you.