What they said: Bo Van Pelt

October 16, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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MARK STEVENS: Bo, thanks for joining us after a successful 6 under, 65. You did the same thing in the first round. You have to feel good where you are heading into the final round. Kind of an interesting round there with bees and everything else. Just how you are feeling as you are heading into the final round.

BO VAN PELT: Obviously, I knew I had to shoot a low number today to have a chance. He will still have the lead going into tomorrow. It was good to shoot a low number to get a little bit closer.

I think that was the best start. I missed a little one on one and bogeyed 2 for like 110 yards in the whole fairway. I wasn't real happy after two holes. Kind of made a couple birdies.

And played well in the back nine. 13, 14, I missed a pretty easy putt for birdie and bogeyed 14 from the fairway. Wasn't a great exchange, but then hit a bunch of really good shots coming in and birdied two of the last four, which was a good way to finish.

MARK STEVENS: What was the hole -- take us through the whole bee incident.

BO VAN PELT: Well, I get down there and I got 65 yards. So I got a good chance to make birdie. Obviously, every one of them counts. And I was just going to hit it. I was like -- my caddie was like, no, we are getting that bee off of there.

Luckily I was pretty good at "Operation" when I was a kid. I got a pretty steady hand. I just used that tee. Every time I would get close to it, it would shrink down, just hunker down on that ball. I was like, This thing really may never leave.

I called (indiscernible) a couple days, but it just didn't want to go. I was trying for several minutes to get that thing. Usually if you get close to it, they are so skiddish they leave. But for whatever reason, that one didn't. I was glad I took the time. That was on 18. I hit a good shotfor birdie

Q. (Indiscernible.) You have to play your game. Is that a little demoralizing?

BO VAN PELT: There is a still a long way to go. Obviously, there was only four holes left. That one would have been a pretty tough blow to take.

He has always been a good West player, a really good iron player. It is no surprise. The first two days Troy Matteson and Jeff (indiscernible), they holed it from the fairway. I think I'm the only one that hasn't holed one from the fairway because I have seen a bunch of guys do it.

No, it wasn't demoralizing.

Q. After your first round, one of the main reasons you were here was to get a win. The one thing that kind of alludes you this year how do you feel after three rounds??

BO VAN PELT: Well, it is good to always have a chance. You never know how Sunday is going to go.

There are a lot of good players. You never know how Sunday is going to go, but I think the mark of a really good player -- and what we all striving for is to have as many chances as you can. How many chances can you get on Sunday to win. Winning is hard out here. There is a lot of good players, and everybody wants to do it. I think all you can hope for starting every week out is do I have a chance with nine holes to go and see what happens.

Q. (Indiscernible).

BO VAN PELT: You know, I liked basketball. I like football. Luckily for me, I was small for my age. It is hard to say that now, 6'4", 215. I kind of grew late.

So I played a lot of youth sports, youth basketball and stuff. But there were so many kids that were bigger than me that freshman year of high school, kind of that turning point where you just kind of look around and go, you know, probably not in the cards for me to be in either one of these.

And then sure enough, my junior year I really sprouted out. And then the next winter I was 6'3", 180. By that time I had taken a year off both of those. It just didn't make sense to go back.

And, you know, it was -- for longevity reasons, health reasons, it was probably a good call. (Laughter).

Q. (Indiscernible).

BO VAN PELT: The Eagles, yeah.

He played in the league just for a couple years. We kind of bounced around. He was a backup center and a long tackle. But I saw a tape of him playing college. He was pretty good. He played against Bubba Smith at Michigan State, Dick Butkus. (Indiscernible). He was a pretty good athlete.

Q. (Indiscernible).

BO VAN PELT: Yeah, he liked watching golf. My little nephew is starting to play and is present decent. So now his grandson -- he has a good time, fun time watching him play.

Q. This is an interesting course because it is a little different, going up and down and eagle temps at 17. Do players like a course like this, or would they rather have a more straightforward course??

BO VAN PELT: It is always good to have variety. We play 47 events a year. If every course was the same, it would be boring. I think it is good to have some courses where pars are at 4. And I think it is okay to have a course to have 20, 25 to win. Change it up a little bit.

You are not going to play every week out here. So I think it is okay to have courses that are different.