What they said: Tom Pernice Jr.

October 14, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Frys.com Open transcript archive Q. 167, no bogies. What I saw out there looked like it could have been a lot better. You had a lot of opportunities.

TOM PERNICE: They put some water on the golf course last night. The fairways were pretty respectable if you hit the ball in the fairway. The greens weren't too bad.

Had a couple of nice saves today. Everybody always said it could have been better, but it had pretty good control. Pretty good control of the ball, very happy. Only missed a couple fairways. Go in trouble just a couple of times but played well.

Q. The guys are saying the fairways are really the key. The rough is not really long. But it is thick and really tough to play on. Do you agree??

TOM PERNICE: No. I think the key is obviously to hit in the fairway. And you have to make some putts just like any other week.

I think you are going to struggle. A lot of holes, you will have a tough time getting on the green from the rough. Especially in the morning when it is wet, you need to hit it in the fairway. I got off to a good start this morning, going in the fairway and did okay.

Q. And you Michael Allen, the kings of double dippers right now. Having a little fun playing both tours but (indiscernible) --

TOM PERNICE: I'm trying to, you know, maintain, trying to either win a tournament out here or get in the top 125. And, you know, I'm very lucky I had the opportunity and the option, if I want to, I can go play the Champions Tour.

So try to play out here the rest of the year and go and play in the Schwab Cup up in San Francisco.

So, you know, just playing pretty well and play and my attitude was good out there today and that kind of kept me around.

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