What they said: John Rollins

October 07, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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JOHN BUSH: Okay. John Rollins joins us after a bogey-free 7-under par 63, his season-best and just one shy of his career-best round on the PGA TOUR. John, great start. If we can just get some comments on your day.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah. Thanks. It obviously was a great day. I hit the ball well all day, played really good and got myself out of a couple jams early on with a holed-out bunker shot on the front nine and one good up-and-down there on the par-3, actually, right after that, but other than that, I played solid and made some putts, and very happy with the day.

JOHN BUSH: Talk a little bit about your season up to this point and about your goals here at these last few events.

JOHN ROLLINS: You know, the season I would say has been very inconsistent for me, not really up to the standards that I set for myself. Obviously I'm safe from winning last year, but also even money wise I would be safe either way.

But I don't really feel like I've played as consistent and steady as I would like. And goal wise, obviously now I got four to go to win a golf tournament. That's our goal every week you play is to win. So there's no difference there. But I think the month off after Boston when I missed the BMW and I've had the four weeks off, my wife and I really had a chance to kind of sit down and talk about some things, and you know, I've really shifted my goal now to next year's Presidents Cup.

JOHN BUSH: All right. Questions?

Q. What did she tell you??

JOHN ROLLINS: She told me to make the team. Just, you know, practice harder, work harder. I sort of expect a lot out of myself, but sometimes don't really put the necessary effort in there to get it out of there.

So you know, she was, you know, just -- not really a bad conversation. I don't want it to seem like she was chewing me out or anything, but it was just sort of a kind of a little wake-up call. Hey, if you want to play good and make these teams, put the work in and get it done. So that's where we're we've gone.

Q. John, the head pro here and Davis and a few of them that were familiar with the facilities said if the wind blew, it would be pretty tough, but if it doesn't, I've heard predictions from anywhere 20 to 24-under by the end of Sunday. A lot of low scores out there. Is the wind not blowing hard enough to hold you guys down or affect you at this point??

JOHN ROLLINS: It's not really doing much. It can be maybe a club, half a club to a club pretty much at the most. But this morning, the thing is the ball wasn't going. It was so cool this morning that the ball was just going at least a club shorter than normal. So even if you're in between yardages, it's hard to even -- I took the extra club sometimes and still came up short.

So you know, I think that the morning tee times, that's something you have to adjust to, and then as the day progressed, the yardages started to come back to being something we're accustomed to.

But you know, the golf course isn't easy. The greens are in fantastic shape, but the greens are grainy, so I think that even though you may get some pretty good looks at it, they're not easy to putt on, you know, because they have some subtleties to them with the grain and things like that, plus it's a course that not many guys have played. So the experience level there is taken away.

But again, the golf course is fantastic. If the wind doesn't blow, yes, I suspect the scores will stay pretty low.

Q. You mentioned being a little inconsistent this year. What do you need to do to kind of carry this momentum through the next three days??

JOHN ROLLINS: You know, I really -- my putting has been, early in the year was some -- even late last year and early -- and most of this year has really been the inconsistent, you know, the ingredient there that's been missing.

It comes and goes. You know, I putt good maybe one week and then I putt awful for three or four weeks. So it's just being able to match that up to where I can at least putt decent for four rounds. You know, that's the hard thing is you may putt good one day and then putt poorly the next three and you're not really going to compete at this level.

So I think if I can improve my putting, and you know, probably short game as well, that'll be the part of the game that's been struggling the most.

JOHN BUSH: John, was it just something about watching the Ryder Cup on TV that really made you focus on next year?

JOHN ROLLINS: Maybe. I think any time you watch those events, you always tell yourself when you're not in it, you want to be on it. You want to be on the team and you want to be able to represent your country.

But maybe so. You know, I think that the terrible round on Monday that I had at the Deutsche Bank to miss Chicago I think was even the extra icing on the cake.

So just the way that I played there and to miss that and to have to be sitting at home for a month and watching all this stuff kind of break out the way it did, it was just kind of a wake-up call for me.

Q. What happened that Monday? I know the score, but what happened to you?

JOHN ROLLINS: You know, it was just a -- it was just one of those days, I got off to a bad start, and I think I let a little bit of the emotion get to me than it should have. And that's another area that can probably improve is being a little tougher under circumstances like that.

But I just -- yeah, it was just kind of like I couldn't stop the bleeding. You know, I got it going the wrong way, and it just snowballed on me. And I think anybody out here would tell you it's happened to them at least once. And that was a situation where it happened, and we ended up missing.

I think even as bad as it was, my caddy, I think, told me on 14 or 15 that we're still only one shot out, you know, and I'm sitting there thinking what are these guys shooting, you know. Whatever. But ended up missing and we went home and regrouped and here we are.

Q. He didn't tell you what Charley Hoffman was shooting that day, did he??

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, I saw he was playing pretty good. Yeah. Actually I was watching Tom Gillis shoot 6-under, I think, that day, too. So besides Charley and Tom I feel like I shot 100 watching them, so besides those two guys, I don't think the scores were that good that day, but it was just one of those days.

Q. Did you not come close to a Presidents Cup team??

JOHN ROLLINS: I've been close to a Ryder Cup and a Presidents Cup two years in a row. I was 11th for I think a Presidents Cup and 12th for a Ryder Cup. So two years back to back and missed out on select. That was back when it was 10 and 2 and missed out on both selections.

Q. When you get done with Disney, do you expect to have another talk with your wife??

JOHN ROLLINS: I hope not. Hopefully maybe I'll win a couple of times in the fall and we can kind of have a good off season and get ready for Maui and regroup for that.

But if not, I'm sure there will be some discussions as far as with my teacher and everybody, the whole team as far as how we're going to proceed for next year.

JOHN BUSH: Let's go through the card real quick, John. The birdie on No. 2.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah. I don't even remember what I did here. Let's see. No. 2, hit a good wedge shot in there to probably six feet or so and made that putt.

Then on 5, I hit a horrible sand wedge from the rough into the front bunker and then made about a 25-yard bunker shot for birdie there. And then on 8, hit it in the left rough off the tee, just got it up in the middle of the green pin high probably a good 25, 28 feet and made that one.

Then we go to 14. I hit a 6-iron just left of the hole probably 12 feet and made that. The par-5, I hit it in the short right greenside bunker, hit it out to probably maybe eight feet, made that.

16, I hit a sand wedge from about 105 yards, probably 18 feet below the hole there and made that one. And then 17, I think we hit a 6-iron to about two, two-and-a-half feet.

Q. You mentioned 9. Did you not have a mess at 9 that you escaped from, or was I hearing something wrong??

JOHN ROLLINS: No. I had a good look on 9, actually about a 12-footer for 9 on birdie. Yeah. Just scooted by the edge.

JOHN BUSH: John, great start. Keep it going this week.

JOHN ROLLINS: Thank you very much.

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