What they said: Davis Love III

October 07, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic Transcript archive Q. Do you think the TOUR should kind of let sponsors play with a few more tee times like that depending on who's in the field and who's the hometown guy? Was that fun, in other words, and should the TOUR do that more?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, it's fun. Well, you know, we're giving TV more leeway to do that. You know, they've always had No. 1 and No. 2 in the world, they're going to be opposite. They're not going to be both in the morning, you know. One's going to be in the morning and one's going to be in the afternoon. So we're building more of that stuff in there and more flexibility, frankly just because TV wants it.

So yeah, stuff like that. You know, when they do that at the PGA, they put three PGA champions together.

Q. Sure.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. It's neat. So yeah, that was a neat thing to do. We enjoyed it. I hope everybody else did because we certainly enjoyed it, because we had -- we hit the ground Tuesday night, you know, and we all ran to our houses and we hadn't seen each other, so it was nice to go back and talk, you know, have the day to talk about it and enjoy playing together.

Q. And as much as TV, I mean on the ground, locally, people enjoy seeing you guys playing together.


Q. People living here??

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. That was definitely a neat pairing. That was what you dream for on Sundays to have Kuch and Zach and the last group with Toms and Trevor Immelman. But if you can go ahead and do that on a Thursday and Friday, it gets the tournament off to a good start.

Q. And finally, what was the atmosphere like out there? Obviously you can't get better weather. Was it 18 holes of a lot of, you know, crowd support and things like that?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. I mean you know, it's definitely an intimate feeling, you know. It's more like we had at -- I said it earlier over there. It's more like at Columbus or Callaway Gardens or Hilton Head. You know, it's a small, supportive crowd, you know. And that's what we like. You feel like -- well, the three of us we felt like we knew everybody in the gallery, you know. And that was fun.

You know, it's I think less pressure really than me playing in Jacksonville or Hilton Head because bigger crowds, a lot of people yelling for you. Here, it's your friends. It was fun.

You know, to me, the thrill for me is everything off that doesn't have anything to do with me, you know. It's the players being happy in the locker room and the caddies having the best party they said they've ever had last night.

Q. Where did you take them or where did they do that??

DAVIS LOVE III: They did it at Matt's Landing. They had a band. The stuff our staff -- most of it's not my idea. I saw the things on the golf course -- I didn't see the final construction until yesterday. You know, the things they've done, Chuck Carter that's caddying for Bob Estes, now caddied out here forever, he said, "if they missed anything," he said, "I can't find it." And that's the compliments that are great. Everybody's really happy, and they love the golf course and they love the setup.

Q. I know that when you're a tournament host, it's what Jack wants at Memorial, Arnold wants at Bay Hill, you kind of strive to keep all the demographics, you know, fans, players, caddies, sponsors, whatever, happy. Do you think you're doing that this week??

DAVIS LOVE III: I think so. Well, you know, the first -- I've been on the TOUR or on the board now, the first person you gotta keep happy is the McGladrey people. And then keep the players happy.

We know what the players want -- that's what Mark and I, that's what we sold McGladrey on is we can handle the players and we can handle the golf tournament. We know what makes a nice golf tournament. And everybody at Sea Island knows what they're doing here, too. They've had a lot of events. So that part of it's pretty easy, just keep the McGladrey folks happy.

Yesterday was a big day for them. Tuesday night at our house was a big night for them. We just keep doing stuff like that, you know, they're already talking about, you know, down the road, you know. So that's what's great is they're excited and happy and having fun.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.