What they said: Michael Letzig

October 07, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Michael, how you doing? Congratulations on a nice start today.

MICHAEL LETZIG: Great. Thank you very much.

Q. Tell us about that final hole. Boy, you know, tried to get it done there and tried to stay 5-under, and you were able to get it done.

MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah. That was kind of a bad break on the tee. I hit it too good. I hit it through the fairway and I had a downhill flier lie, and I just kind of tried to chip an 8-iron, and it went about 180 yards, it seems like. But I didn't have much on the chip shot and just kind of took my medicine, made sure I got it on the green, had a chance for the par and I had a straight uphill putt, and it worked out good.

Q. What's going through your mind at that point? You're playing so well; you got it to 5-under. Are you just thinking, I can't make a bogey here and ruin this round? Does that go through your mind or are you just trying to make that putt?

MICHAEL LETZIG: Not really thinking about the round. I knew I'd been putting well all day, and I could see a lot of green on that putt. I was just thinking, whatever you do, just don't leave it short, and it was just barely outside left edge. Just make sure you get it there.

Q. How do you like the golf course? Seems to be beautiful out there. The weather's nice right now. Do you have a pretty good impression?

MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah, this is a beautiful place. All morning long, just kind of looking out over the bay or whatever you call it there, there's some beautiful views from the front and the back nine. As far as golfing, though, you just gotta drive it well, keep it out of the rough because the rough is pretty unpredictable as far as catching fliers and controlling your golf ball.

Q. That nice putt on 18, that kind of keeps a little momentum going there. You played 6-under your last 11 holes. Can you take a little bit of that tomorrow? You're going to tee off in the afternoon, but still gives you a little momentum going into the afternoon tomorrow.

MICHAEL LETZIG: Absolutely. It's always kind of a little bit of pressure off to get off to a good start, and I mean you guys know how it is. When you're putting well, the game just everything seems to come together, you know. I felt like I drove it well and hit it well, and it all just stems from making a couple of putts. You get that confidence.

Q. And nice, I guess for you, Michael, to have a nice start here. I'm looking at your finishes this year. I know you had to be disappointed. You missed a cut at the Viking classic last week, missed a cut at the Barclays. Three out of the last four events missed cuts. So what do you need to turn around? What are you hoping to work on in the Fall Series? What is kind of happening in your game toward the end of the year and what are you trying to work on in the fall?

MICHAEL LETZIG: I'm just trying to play golf. I've had a lot of off-course distractions this year, and it's been a really up-and-down year, so it's kind of good to have everything behind me and be able to just focus on the golf and hopefully, you know, play well and have a good finish and salvage this year.

Q. After the Barclays, what did you do, Michael? Just take some time off away from the game?

MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah. We have a lake house in Missouri and we just kind of hung out there for about every week. It was good to get away from golf. I didn't touch a club for the first three weeks, and then started practicing pretty hard the last week.

Q. Did you come back -- I know you missed the cut last week, but do you come back feeling refreshed, like maybe this is kind of a second chance for you in 2010??

MICHAEL LETZIG: Absolutely. I kind of just kept playing all year through the bad stuff and just ran myself into the ground and really wasn't excited to be out here every week, and you know, that four weeks off, definitely -- I was excited to get back to the Viking Classic, probably too excited and that's why it took me a long time to settle down on Friday.

I think I'm calm and ready to play golf and excited to be out here.

Q. Well, look at your game. What hasn't been working recently for you? What do you need to work for your game to kind of step it up and start contending again?

MICHAEL LETZIG: I don't know. I've been driving the ball very well the last half of the year, got a new Titleist driver, which is the best one I think I've ever had. I just love hitting the driver everywhere, and I don't know, probably the iron game needs to sharpen up a little bit, because I've always been a pretty good putter.

Yeah, and sometimes you get breaks. I mean you get out there and you get -- like you did on the last hole, you hit a pretty good iron shot, you get a little bit of a break where it goes over the back of the green, 180-yard 8-iron. I don't remember hitting a 180-yard 8-iron very often, but when you catch a flier like that, you feel like it's a little bit of a bad break, but then you hit a good putt and it does manage to go in, so it is a game of breaks out there during the course of the year, and you know how quick things can change. So you get a little -- a few good scores, anything can happen here the last three or four weeks. We wish you well, and keep playing well.

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