What they said: Justin Leonard

October 07, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic Transcript archive Q. You understand the kind of things that can be accomplished in the Fall Series, getting your game together, winning and getting all kinds of things changed around. Nice round today.

JUSTIN LEONARD: Thank you. I do understand, you know, the importance of coming out and playing, and especially when you have something to play for, and I think we all do, whether it's keeping your card.

I'm trying to turn, you know, some starter play in the last couple months into trying to translate that into getting a victory. And trying to turn it into a good year, and also have some new equipment in the bag. I got a new Mach Speed driver --

Q. Really??

JUSTIN LEONARD: -- that I'm toying with. And I also put a Nike Hybrid in the bag. You know, it's also a good time of year to kind of do that and get you squared away with equipment before January comes.

Q. Pleased with the performance and everything today??

JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah. I didn't drive it quite as well -- it was not a driver issue. It was --

Q. It was the driver??

JUSTIN LEONARD: -- a person issue. Yeah. But I played good. I hit it a little better down the stretch. But you know, it's fun to come out, you know, and test new equipment, especially when it goes a little further, which I can always use that with the driver. So it was a good day.

Q. What a day to play, too.

JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah. It's beautiful. I got here Tuesday morning and it's been like this every day. And hopefully it's going to continue. So certainly understand why this is such a great destination.

Q. Davis has been talking this place up for years and years and years. Is this your first trip here??

JUSTIN LEONARD: No. It's been a while, but I've been here a couple times with Davis. My first time here to play this course. I've played one of the other courses here on the island. But I'm getting some home cooking from Robin.

Q. Yeah.

JUSTIN LEONARD: And so it's fun. It's fun to be here, and especially seeing Davis and getting to hang out with he and his family.

Q. Again, good luck. Congratulations on the opening round. Good luck the rest of the week.

Q. Just talk about your round a little bit.

JUSTIN LEONARD: Played pretty well. I didn't drive the ball as well as I'd hoped, but I made up for it in other areas of my game, made some nice putts.

And the greens are really good. They're fast, and if you can get on the correct side of the hole, you can make some putts. So overall I'm very pleased with the day.

Q. We saw a couple nice up-and-downs out there, one on 10, one on 12 as well. This course seems to really be -- you gotta have a good short game on this course, you gotta get up-and-down if you miss those greens. Seems to suit your game pretty well.

JUSTIN LEONARD: It does suit my game. I'm comfortable on the golf course. You need to put the ball in the fairway, because even though the rough's not very long, Bermuda rough that's an inch and a half, two inches, it's very hard to judge how it's going to come out. And there are some places you cannot chip from around these greens. So I left myself in good spots when I did miss the green and made a few nice up-and-downs, and you know, I'm just pleased with the morning.

Q. Last question. You won in '07 in the fall in Texas. It jump-started a good year in '08 and you know what that kind of feels like. Could this be a jumping point, these last couple weeks here, to jump start 2011 for you??

JUSTIN LEONARD: I'm hoping so. You know, I didn't play well through the first half of the year, and then started to play pretty well in late July and August. Didn't really get the results out of it, but I felt very comfortable with my game. It was pretty consistent day to day and week to week.

So now, having a nice break, coming back out here for the Fall Series, and trying to continue that. And certainly trying to win one of these three events that I'm going to play.

Q. Thank you so much.


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