What they said: Ryan Palmer

August 08, 2009
PGA TOUR staff

INTERVIEW ARCHIVE: Legends Reno-Tahoe Open transcript archive

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Ryan Palmer into the interview room. Ryan is currently 145th in the FedExCup standings. So this is a good week to improve. Looks like you're going to be in second place behind John Rollins. Can you talk a little bit about your day?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it was great. I got up this morning, had a real relaxing morning. I felt good all week. I just carried it over to today.

Striped that front nine and had a bunch of short birdie putts I made. So I was calm, really relaxed. Really pacing myself out there. I didn't get ahead of myself. And I just kept hitting the front of the greens and got a little loose on the back nine. Little frustrated the way the day ended. But I couldn't ask for a better spot to be in.

So I'm looking forward to playing with John. He's a good friend. So he only lives a mile away, so it should be fun.

THE MODERATOR: No top 10s this year for you. Are you surprised or did you see this one coming?

RYAN PALMER: I really didn't expect -- I had shoulder surgery in the offseason, just some arthroscopic, shaved some bone in my right shoulder. So I've been playing with a little aches and pains here and there.

But the shoulder has been pretty good. And we got a baby we're having in three weeks. So the wife's at home ready for that. So that's kind of had my mind preoccupied for that as well. A bit up-and-down. I felt myself coming into form the last three weeks I've been playing. So I really felt something good was going to happen. It's just a matter of when.


Q. Talk about No. 15. Looked like you were kind of stymied there. Changed shoes and still managed to hit a pretty good shot.

RYAN PALMER: Yeah. I blocked a driver. Got up there. It was just about six inches off the right side of the cart path and had a swing, but I was in spikes. And you can't get very good footing with spikes in the cart path.

I called an official over and asked if I could wear my caddie's shoes. I knew he was part of my equipment. And so I thought -- I kind of got smart for a change and asked the official, "Can I wear his shoes?" He said, "Yeah." So it worked out perfect. I got good footing and put the club on the ball and hit a great shot.

So it's one of those times where I thought about the rules and I was able to use the rules to my advantage.

THE MODERATOR: Who was the official?

RYAN PALMER: Don't ask me that.

THE MODERATOR: We'll find out.

Q. Do you remember what you hit on that shot??

RYAN PALMER: 8-iron.

Q. Do you think the fact that you and John are friends might help tomorrow with the pressure of being in the final round on a final day??

RYAN PALMER: I think it will be nice playing with a friend. And being only a couple back, two, three, four shots, whatever he ends up finishing at, because I've been there before. It's always tougher to play with a lead.

But definitely, I know his caddie real well, too. It's going to be a nice day to play with a guy you know real well and play a little bit of golf at home with. It will be relaxing for both of us and hopefully the two of us can go out and play well. And whoever plays better will be the last man standing.

Q. Do you guys have the same home course then, I assume??

RYAN PALMER: Sometimes. We don't play together a whole lot. But our wives are friends. They have a little daughter. So we go to each other's birthday parties. It's nice. It will be fun playing with him. And I know we're both looking forward to it.

Q. No top 10s. You've got a baby on the way. Do you think maybe what's gone on at home has kind of helped you out here??

RYAN PALMER: I think so. She's kept me really relaxed and stress-free, not worrying about if the baby is coming soon or not.

At times she's not feeling well at times, but it's been good having her support, obviously. But, like I said, I've been feeling something good coming along, coming around for a long time now, for the last three, four weeks. She's kept me stress-free the last few weeks. I think it's carried over this week and I'm playing great golf.

Q. This is number one child??

RYAN PALMER: Number two.

Q. And do you know sex or anything yet??

RYAN PALMER: Little girl.

Q. Name??


Q. Spell it for me.

RYAN PALMER: M-a-d-e-l-y-n.

THE MODERATOR: Can we go over your card? You played 25 straight holes without a bogey. Had five birdies on the front nine and the one on the back. Can you talk about them?

RYAN PALMER: 1, I drove it down the middle, gap wedged to about two feet. And then No. 2, hit a great pitching wedge about three feet. Good start, obviously.

Then 4, I got up-and-down bunker, just short right and hit it to about a foot. And then 6 I hit a great 50-degree wedge to about six feet. And 9, I made a great five-, six-footer for birdie. Went for it in two, chipped it to about five, six feet.

And then 13, hardest green on the golf course, I think, and I made a great 20-footer for birdie there. So pretty stress-free day. Got a little loose on the back, but great day.