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    How a longer putter helped Sahith Theegala have success

  • Sahith Theegala's Ping putter. (Courtesy of GolfWRX)Sahith Theegala's Ping putter. (Courtesy of GolfWRX)

Fan favorite Sahith Theegala has notched two top-5 finishes in his five starts since the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday in early June, and he sits at 38th in the FedExCup standings as he seeks a TOUR Championship bid in his first full TOUR season.

While his strong recent form isn’t completely out of nowhere – he’s notched five top-5 finishes in total during the season – Theegala did make a recent switch to his putter that’s allowed him more comfort on the greens.

After the Charles Schwab Challenge, Theegala, who stands 6-foot-3, began experimenting with longer putter lengths at the advice of his coach, Rick Hunter. He also changed his putter grip, too.

“The putter was ordered through his coach Rick Hunter after Charles Schwab,” Ping putter ep Dylan Goodwin told GolfWRX.com. “Sahith first used it at (the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday) where he turned his putting around. Sahith was struggling on the greens and he’s such a feel player, Rick wanted to throw something completely different at him. The length allowed him to stand taller at address, which was a plus, and the putter grip was purely to mix up feels.”

While stock retail putters typically run somewhere between 33-36 inches, Theegala’s new Ping Anser 2 putter measures 37 inches, and it now has a SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip on it. After trying out a handful of options ahead of the Memorial Tournament, Theegala found the right fit in the new 37-inch Anser 2. He quickly made the change, and he’s stuck with it since.

A multiple look at Sahith Theegala's putter. (Courtesy of GolfWRX)

Although the longer putter has allowed Theegala to stand taller at address, it helped serve another purpose at The Open Championship. When Theegala widened his stance to find more stability at address, the longer putter allowed him to hold the putter further down the grip. By “choking up” on the putter, Theegala was able to find the center of the club face more often, as well.

“My coach Rick Hunter, he just sent me a text like, ‘Hey, just remember’ -- I have a 37-inch putter right now, so I'm gripping down a little bit on it,” Theegala said in a press conference at The Open. “My stance is a little bit wider. I think I kind of shuffle my feet before a lot of my putts, so just making sure it's a little bit wider. For me personally, keeping the club head a little bit lower back…on the short putts, it's helped me really with more center strikes, for sure.”

In general, a longer putter will allow a golfer to stand taller at address when holding the end of the putter grip but going longer also allows for “choking up” on the putter without having to strain or bend too much.

For Theegala, the longer putter has helped provide more comfort, and ultimately, more center strikes, which helps improve both speed and direction on the greens.

With a new level of comfort, Theegala is breaking into stride ahead of the upcoming FedExCup Playoffs.