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    A soft grip for a hard game: Golf Pride’s new CPX grips

  • A close-up look at Golf Pride's new grip. (Courtey of Golf Pride)A close-up look at Golf Pride's new grip. (Courtey of Golf Pride)

Eighty-percent of the best golfers in the world play Golf Pride grips, but that doesn’t mean the Pinehurst, North Carolina-based company is resting on its laurels. Rather, in a bid to expand its offerings for golfers seeking a softer performance grip, Golf Pride is adding the new CPX grip to its lineup.

The first grip completely conceptualized and designed at the Golf Pride Global Innovation Center, the CPX — Comfort Performance Extreme — features first-ever raised grip texture. The 45-degree EXO diamond-quilted pattern was inspired, interestingly, by BMX handlebar grips.

Designed to maximize the contact area with a golfer’s hands — the only area of physical connection to the golf club — CPX grips feature a control core at the end of the grip for increased stability and resistance to twisting.

(Courtesy of Golf Pride)

All the technology in CPX grips is aimed at one thing: confidence. Introduced as a “Soft Grip for a Hard Game,” Golf Pride engineers focused on feel first and foremost in the design of a soft, comfortable grip that appeals to the full spectrum of players from the highly competitive to the highly recreational.

Eric Gibson, Golf Pride's Global Head of Marketing, spoke to the intersection of comfort and confidence:

“We have a responsibility to help golfers understand the fundamental role that their hands play in their performance on the course. As their only connection to the club, our grips are designed to create confidence within a player while standing over the ball. We specifically designed CPX with an intersection between comfort and confidence in mind. The game of golf is influenced by internal and external distractions and with CPX, we want the connection between a golfer's hands and their club to create a level of calmness so that their focus remains on the shot.”

(Courtesy of Golf Pride)

Jamie Ledford, President of Golf Pride elaborated further: “The connection between the hands and mind is critical in the game of golf. We’re so excited about CPX because the new design and ultra-soft rubber compound we’ve developed take this connection to the next level. Anyone who tries the CPX will immediately feel the difference.”

(Courtesy of Golf Pride)

The new CPX grips are available at golfpride.com and retailers now and will carry a retail price of $9.49-10.49 per grip. To learn more, go to www.golfpride.com/cpx.

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