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Equipment Report

    Product spotlight: Fujikura Motore X

  • The Motore X F1 and F2 models give club fitters the ability to fine-tune the launch and spin for each golfer’s swing. (Courtesy of Fujikura)The Motore X F1 and F2 models give club fitters the ability to fine-tune the launch and spin for each golfer’s swing. (Courtesy of Fujikura)

We all love a little nostalgia. But when you can have your serving of it with new and improved technology that can take your game to a new level … well, now you’re really talking.

Using a decade’s worth of research and development, Fujikura has reimagined a TOUR staple and delivered enhanced speed and stability in the new Motore X line of performance shafts.

Ten years on from the original Fujikura Motore F1 and F3 – which was created to maximize speed and brought us the H.I.T. (High Inertia Tip) with a raised balance point that created more energy transfer from the shaft to the ball at impact – the Motore X is the newest shaft to showcase the learnings from Fujikura’s proprietary enso high-speed motion capture system.

In a never-ending search for top performance, enso utilizes eight cameras to track precisely what the shaft and club do and how they perform during the golf swing at near-1,000 frames per second. Measurements include head placement at impact, shaft deflection and club performance during the entire swing and the clubhead performance based on shaft movement.

The Motore X was designed focusing on two key performance metrics – faster ball speeds and stability at the moment of impact. It features a reinforced bias core with a torsionally stiffened handle section that promotes faster ball speeds crafted with thin layers of full-length bias plies that create a balanced torsional strength for stability. The result is a core paired with an accelerated taper that transfers more energy from the golfer to the ball, boosting ball speeds for more distance while maintaining stability for tighter shot control.

“Motore has been a name synonymous with Fujikura for many years on TOUR. Similar to the design goals of Motore X, the original Motore models were created to maximize speed with tour-preferred feel and control,” Fujikura Technical Services manager John Hovis explained.

“Over the last decade, we’ve learned how to achieve these design goals more efficiently. We’ve been able to hone the optimal design and specifications to boost ball speeds while maintaining the control and feel TOUR players have come to expect.”

Motore X is available in two models – F1 and F3 – providing club fitters the ability to fine-tune the launch and spin for each golfer’s unique swing. There are a wide variety of weights in flexes ranging from 57 grams to 86 grams and R2 up to X flex.


The F3 is designed for smooth and moderate swing types with firm tip and mid-sections to produce a mid-high trajectory for longer carry distances with mid spin.

The F1 is designed for faster, more aggressive swing types and its stiffened tip and mid-sections create a more penetrating, low-mid trajectory with low-mid spin.

Motore X has been spotted on the PGA TOUR since the beginning of the West Coast swing and is now available at retail for $275 MSRP.