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    Viral sensation unveils new ‘Toddler Issue’ pink driver and yellow golf ball

  • Instruction

    Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open

Look out Bubba Watson, there’s another golfer with a pink driver and yellow golf ball taking over the Internet, and he’s already getting cosigns from Watson’s professional peers.

“He’s got it!” Vijay Singh commented on Instagram.

“Give that kid a sponsors invite ASAP!” Lanto Griffin exclaimed.

While golfers across the world are awestruck by the kid’s beautiful golf swing, equipment fans are left wondering about his unique driver and golf ball. Luckily, PGATOUR.COM has spoken to “insider equipment sources” to get the full specs and design information.

Many PGA TOUR players these days use driver heads made of titanium and shafts made of graphite. According to our sources, however, this child prodigy is using a special Toddler Issue plastic in both his driver head and shaft. The construction is said to allow for uniform weighting throughout the club, helping to maximize both speed and playability, and providing the feel that toddlers prefer.

Parents also prefer the plastic, since it doesn’t rust when their toddlers inevitably leave the club on the front lawn overnight.


In order to lower CG (center of gravity) and raise MOI (moment of inertia), the Toddler Issue plastic head also has a forged plastic face insert that utilizes variable face thickness to increase ball speeds on off-center strikes. The rounded overall shaping of the head is designed with enhanced aerodynamics to increase club head speed and reduce drag throughout the downswing.

Those same dynamics also are effective when playing “Tag” with other pre-schoolers.


As illustrated in the screenshot above, the high-torque plastic shaft construction allows for the child to create ample lag during his downswing despite his slightly slower-than-TOUR driver speed. Also, the driver is equipped with an oversized plastic grip to create a consistent release pattern.

The grip also is easy to clean after lunch when kids forget to wash their hands after eating peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

The overall construction of the driver, combined with the child’s tremendous speed and skill, allows him to optimize his launch characteristics despite hitting this ball “off the deck.” And yet the softness of the product will not injure the family pet who may try to chase the club during the backswing.

Additionally, the child is using a limited-edition Plastic X ball in the Youth Yellow colorway. Given its unique dimple pattern and firm outer layer, the ball is designed to increase spin and launch for both maximum carry and optimal ball speeds.

The only downside to the ball’s effectiveness is that it may land in the neighbor’s yard. Good luck in trying to get it back!

At this time, this child prodigy is yet to sign with an equipment sponsor, instead choosing the route of free agent, a la Brooks Koepka.

But seriously, if your child is in need of youth-specific golf equipment, check out the PGA TOUR Superstore for a wide array of options.