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    Titleist adds AVX ball to retail lineup following trial run

  • Titleist's AVX ball retails for $48 per dozen and comes in both white and high-optic yellow. (Photos c/o Titleist)Titleist's AVX ball retails for $48 per dozen and comes in both white and high-optic yellow. (Photos c/o Titleist)

Seven months have passed since Titleist released its AVX ball to select U.S. markets (Arizona, California and Florida) last fall with the goal of gathering additional feedback from players to determine whether it should be introduced worldwide.

The answer to that question came on Monday with the full release of AVX as the latest model in Titleist's ball lineup. The company's popular Pro V1 and Pro V1x have been the ball of choice for better players and professionals seeking a high-end multilayer urethane model since Pro V1's introduction in 2000.

While Pro V1x was eventually added in 2003, Titleist has refrained from adding another full-performance model to the lineup — until now. With AVX, Titleist hopes to fill a need for the player who requires a softer feel with the same performance benefits of a high-end ball.

“During the test market, we heard from a lot of golfers playing competitive models who realized they had been giving up performance in order to play a softer feeling golf ball,” said Michael Mahoney, Titleist's VP of golf ball marketing. “With AVX, not only were they getting the feel that they love, they were also getting longer distance with great performance in the short game."


The three-piece ball is manufactured at Titleist's Ball Plant 3 — the same plant that produces Pro V1 and Pro V1x — in a lower compression than Pro V1. The soft feel comes from a proprietary GRN41 thermoset cast urethane cover specifically formulated by Titleist's golf ball R&D division to deliver short-game spin and improved durability in a softer overall package.

An important aspect of the ball's construction is a new casing layer that was designed to flex more in an effort to retain ball speed with the lower-compression core design. The end result is a ball that produces what Titleist likes to call "remarkable distance with exceptionally soft feel."

With a catenary aerodynamic design that's flatter than what's currently used on Pro V1 and Pro V1x, golfers will notice an increase in control, with low launch and spin characteristics, from the 352 tetrahedral dimple pattern. From a distance standpoint that means more yards — especially from the long and middle irons.

As far as the possibility of seeing AVX on TOUR in the near future, a Titleist representative confirmed the ball is currently available to professionals but hasn't received extensive testing. However, that could change down the road.

Titleist's AVX ball retails for $48 per dozen and comes in both white and high-optic yellow.

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