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    Qore Performance shorts and sleeves

  • The PlasmaQore packs go from liquid to frozen in just under 15 minutes. The PlasmaQore packs go from liquid to frozen in just under 15 minutes.

Regulating your body temperature on the golf course can be a tricky proposition when playing in extreme temperatures. Typically, a cool towel can take the edge off in the searing hat; and an extra layer can added some much-needed warmth on a frosty morning.

However, there are new products on the market that aim to give golfers the best of both worlds — heating and cooling depending on a player's needs. Enter Qore Performance and its compression shorts and sleeves that can be worn on the course and regulate body temperature.

Designed by a law enforcement officer who wanted "lightweight, thermoregulating gear that would allow him to cool down and cut out extraneous weight caused by carrying extra layers during his missions," Qore quickly realized that its compression shorts and sleeves had a secondary use for athletes, including golfers.

The lightweight compression shorts and bicep sleeves feature pockets that house PlasmaQore packs. The reusable packs — each pair of shorts comes with four reusable packs — go from a liquid state to frozen in just under 15 minutes and will actively cool for 30-90 min depending on conditions.

Qore believes the technology could be a game-changer for golfers, giving them the upper hand in the battle against dehydration on the course. According to the company, "losing 2% of your body’s water can lead to an exponential decrease in athletic output. In fact, research has shown that next to genetics and steroids, thermoregulation and hydration has the greatest impact on athletic output and performance."

So how does the technology work? The bicep sleeve and compression shorts focus on two key arteries — the Brachial (arm) and Femoral (inner leg). These pulse points represent the locations on the body where the greatest amount of blood is closest to the surface of the skin.

By placing the PlasmaQore packs on these main arteries, the body is able to stay in the "performance temperature zone" by efficiently offloading heat from these pulse points.

“Thermoregulation is the future of athletic performance, and for too long hydration solutions have only been available on the sidelines," said Doug Burr, Qore Performance's director of golf. "We are building products that bring those solutions onto the field or golf course when you need it most.”

Qore has recently been tested by NCAA Division I athletes, Olympic Gold Medalist swimmers, as well as military and law enforcement personnel. It's also currently being tested by caddies on the PGA TOUR.

Qore Performance's products retail for $95 (shorts) and $40 (bicep sleeves), respectively. For more information, visit qoreperformance.com.